C# Tutorial for Beginners 16 – Constructor and Destructors in C#


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  1. The deconstructor is called when the GC (Garbage Collector) decides that the object is not being used and that it can be thrown out to let more room in the heap memory. You can call the deconstructor if you set the pointer of the object (the variable storing the object) to null because then, the pointer of the object located in the stack memory has no reference to the instance and instead has a value of null leaving the unreference object eligible for the GC to collect and wipe it out the heap memory.
    So for example:

    Person person = new Person();

    If I set the “person” pointer to the value of “null”, the GC will collect the instance of the Person on the heap memory. However, if somehow later, I want to reference to a Person instance, it would make a new instance:

    person = new Person();

    So this is a new pointer to the new instance in the heap memory

  2. You missed the most important points to make about Constructors:

    class Mammal
    public Mammal() // default constructor

    1) You can overload a constructor. Mammal (int a, int b)

    2) If you overload a (default) constructor i.e. Mammal (int a, int b),
    You have to manually create the default constructor i.e. public Mammal(). Otherwise the default constructor will not be created so if you try to instantiate a class object with such as
    Mammal Cow= new Mammal();
    The code will not compile.


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