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How to upload a file to an FTP server/ C# fileupload to server. The C# Basics beginner course is a free C# Tutorial Series that helps beginning programmers learn the basics of the C# Programming Language. This is the best way to Learn C# for beginners

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  1. Hi, dear Fox Learn! Thank you for the video! It is great!

    Unfortunately i have met a problem when tried to force my console application send the file to the server.

    I receiving an Unhandled Exception: System.UriFormatException: Invalid URI: The hostname could not be parsed.

    In this line:

    FtpWebRequest request = (FtpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create(new Uri(string.Format("{0},{1}", server, filename)));

    When i click on the link which i use as a "server", in Google Chrome it leads me to the server without any problems.

    I want to ask you about some advise. What shoud i change or do for fix this problem? Thanks in advance!

  2. null refernce exception on FileName:Object reference not set to an instance of an object
    if we add this.backgroundWorker1.RunWorkerAsync();
    in buttonclick
    i dont know how every one got this working with above code but the code in video needs some changes to run these are the changes
    first you need to place backgroundWorker1.RunWorkerAsync(); in the end of the upload button.
    then you need to change:-
    string fileName = ((ftpSetting)e.Argument).FileName;

    string FullName = ((ftpSetting)e.Argument).FullName;

    string Username = ((ftpSetting)e.Argument).Username;

    string passowrd = ((ftpSetting)e.Argument).Username;

    string server = ((ftpSetting)e.Argument).Server;
    above into below:-
    string fileName = _inputParameter.FileName;

    string fullName = _inputParameter.FullName;

    string userName =_inputParameter.Username;

    string passowrd = _inputParameter.Password;

    string server = _inputParameter.Server;
    only after this i got to run my code

  3. it doesnt work i followed tutorial but when i upload file progress bar shows nothing and it stays at 0% and doesnt upload file?what might be the issue?
    can you email me kindly on:-zaybi_2010@hotmail.com)

  4. When I try to upload a file, the program does not load it, it simply does nothing. Could you help me solve it please?

  5. Helloo fox learn, i can't see a certain word. May i get full code for this program ? Pls sir

    Here is my email if u need it


    Thankyou sir. I've subs your channel

  6. I have tried the same thing, after uploading the file, nothing is happening .
    Can you please tell me how the background worker is working ?
    Email id : aishwarya129@gmail.com


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