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How to print windows forms in c#.net using PrintDocument, PrintPreviewDialog. The c# basics course is a free c# tutorial series that helps beginning programmers learn the basics of the c# programming language


This video shows you how to print a document in c# or printing in c# .net windows application

We will design a simple ui, then add print preview control in c# windows application to show print dialog in c# windows application. We will print data from datagridview in c# or Print contents of Form in Windows Forms (WinForms) Application

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  1. This cant print the form if its wider than that you are using. I have a wide form in my application and this code just crop a part of my form and cant print the whole form.

  2. code to print all controls of panel ( like label, textbox except button) in one button that is print button.
    is any solution??

  3. how to print into thermal printer recipe only data from gridview. Let say name , qty, price and total. If you can provide me a piece of code in loop burimameti2001@gmail.com

  4. very good tutorials, keep up the good work ,i have learned a lot from you.

    any chance of doing a tutorial on how to print the text from a textbox or rich-textbox that will continue on to the next page as all my code ends up first page overwriting the 2nd page or it only prints to one page and the rest of the text is cut off.

    i need help before i am committed to an insane asylum !!!


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