C# Tutorial: Read/Write File [Open/Save File]


VC# Express 2010
*** C# Tutorials ***

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Here are the codes + additional notes + solution:

In this tutorial you will learn about:
* OpenFileDialog Class;
* SaveFile Class;
* File Class;
Keywords: System.IO;
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Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0”
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  1. when i try to save on the same file i opened it crashes and it says : 'The process cannot access the file 'C:Usersuser1DesktopAtest.txt' because it is being used by another process.'
    how do i close the process?

  2. Amazing. Very good explanation without talking in a small video. This is what we want. No more lengthy tutorials. Just quick ones.

  3. Thanks. It actually worked. I forgot to add the filter. So it was confusing but i added it after.
    Text Files(*.txt)|*.txt|Lua Files(*.lua)|*.lua|All Files(*.*)|*.*

  4. help, when i o put on my txt file this simbol € it won't open in the textbox in appears this � instead of €, please help

  5. Hi bro. U did very good job .i need your help if u know ? I have file it for game and it part of data files how can read and make to write to I try to write but after I did write the file and put back the game start say at start ( download patche data-file.zero some think like this and when I see the file I write so thin it's back to normal file as start I saw but I know some where I don,t do the right way and I ask some peoples say that's game guard data file is that .thats why I saw u for sore u pro guy how we can do with out guard find out I touch anything if is possible for you make one video for many peoples wanna know how we can do that bro thanks bro for your time

  6. this is to read and show text But how can i read a .resx file and save it in another .resx file. I tried adding a resourse1.resx to my project and using resource1.resx=  Resource1.resx = File.ReadAllText(ofd.FileName). But it shows error "project.resource1' does not contain defination for resx.

  7. Wow this great. Just got one Question though. I play a role playing game and I am making a combat simulator. I have many text boxes I want saved for like character stats and a like. use this method would require me to have a whole text file for each text box. Is there a way I could save and load a group of text boxes to one text file?

  8. hey, i know this has nothing to do with your video, or it kinda has.. But anyway i'll ask you about someting..
    None knows how to save listbox settings as string, and over xml?
    I've been googled for all day long, and i only found old tutorials with .net framework 2 or 3 i'm useing framework 3.5, microsoft 2008. Thank you for your time.


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