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Create a simple chat TCP/IP Client Server C# Application Development Windows Forms. The C# Basics beginner course is a free c# tutorial series that helps beginning programmers learn the basics of the c# programming language


Through this video you will learn the following topics:

Create Simple TCP chat application c# or using c# TCP Server for simple chat or multiple client server chat program in c#

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c# tcp server
c# send tcp message
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Simple TCP/IP library for fast C# networking
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C# Very simple TCP/IP connection framework
Simple TCP [client/serveur] application c# socket server
Network Programming in C#, TcpClient using visual studio c# tutorial



  1. A very strange messenger with yourself!
    Why send a message to the sender?
    It is necessary to send messages to all other clients!

    A servers source code have a string:
    " System.Net.IPAddress ip = new System.Net.IPAddress(long.Parse(txtHost.Text));"

    this may have some trable…
    nessasary to use:
    "System.Net.IPAddress ip = System.Net.IPAddress.Parse(txtHost.Text);"

  2. Hi. I wanted to use the localhost automatically, so i dont have to search the IP:
    IPAddress ip = Dns.GetHostEntry("localhost").AddressList[0];
    txtHost.Text= ip.ToString();
    It seems to make the start with server.Start(ip, 8080); but the TextBox Shows: ::1 as adress.
    Could someone help me?

  3. please can you tell how to get notification when internet user expired his login i have 3rd party connection which allow to user name and password then connection start i just want to know when connection discount then i get notification

  4. I am getting error in "System.Net.IPAddress ip = new System.Net.IPAddress(long.Parse(TxtHost.Text));" as "FormatException was unhandled. Please help me out to rectify. Send me source code to "A27Kumaresh@gmail.com".

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    There is an own website and a discord! The channel is just small but when you're there it gets bigger!

  6. I am getting error as :- Input string was not in a correct format. An unhandled exception of type 'System.FormatException' occurred in mscorlib.dll , while initializing IPAddress. When parsing txtHost.Text to long then it is throwing exception.

  7. Hi, in my case it is working just with ip, when I check my ip on the website myip.com and after that I copy and paste this ip to the app. It is not working. There is and exception that "wanted ip is incorrect in this context". My ip is

  8. Why did you set the reply time to 3 seconds? also there is a random character being sent with the string https://gyazo.com/29e75a6db0bd245c07b257aa5e9213f3


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