C vs C++ – 10 Differences for Beginners to Know


It might seem like second nature after a while, but for those new to programming, the abundance of language options can often be overwhelming, especially when many seem similar at first, but have different features and use cases.

In this video, I give a brief (~24 minute) presentation explaining 10 of the key differences that distinguish C++ from C. Obviously, they each have their own strengths; this video is not an effort to pitch one over the other, but to provide concrete examples of differences between the two, in order to clear up confusion.

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  1. Constructors and destructors dont initialize or destroy anything, every class has both of these methods and a constructor is called when you initialize the class and a destructor is called when you destroy that object or it goes out of scope, but the methods themselves dont do that

  2. Way over my head! Glad you are into this and are so knowledgeable. I was just trying to confirm if Arduino IDE is using C or C++. I understood Arduino uses C but someone told me it is C++. Thanks for making this video and best wishes for your future success in all you do.

  3. One question: is there any reason why you are recording your phone's screen instead of video recording? Or is just a stylistic choice? =)

  4. 5:03 Templates are not preprocessor macros. They are part of the core C++ language which is what allows them to understand the rules of C++. Macros can also have parameters, but they are more like automatic text expansion tools, they don't understand the rules of the language. This makes them more powerful but also more dangerous if you use them incorrectly.
    13:54 You should have used delete[] for the chars array as well.


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