C# vs. JavaScript | Unity 5 Comparison


A short video where I talk and compare C# to JavaScript a little bit by using my experience and some facts as sources.

I hope you guys enjoy the video! 🙂 Make sure to let me know what else you’d like to see. Tomorrow, I’ll upload a new video of Unity 5.6’s post processing stacks since lots of people wanted a video of that.

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  1. If your a beginner use javascript, it is simpler easier to learn, once you become more advanced in development, move to C#, if your a pro C# will provide more advanced options.Especially if your making a fast pace action game, like a 3d shooter or beat em up.

  2. what an idiot, do a real analisis, compare the performance, or make examples, but you just say "i am a programer, if you want to be one, learn c#" you just sound like an asshole, that is not a profesional point of view, fuck you

  3. "It's alot more advanced and highly developed in comparison to JavaScript" – Are you f* nuts to spread ish like this in the internet?! That sentence disqualified your opinion in my eyes. Go and learn, I'll suggest you! Who ever is using C# over JS in 2019 either has to, because of his base of code and apps he has to manage or just is obsolet.

  4. I’m extremely familiar with JavaScript, so is this what I should go with, and I’m only a little familiar with C# and Java

  5. Many people saying me for best games programming language for Android,pc and PS4 games use c# but most people saying phython because saying inside lot of liberaries so what can i do please help me


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