c# wait for thread to finish without blocking


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  1. Hi Mr. KudVenkat.

    This is the most precise and well explained tutorial i ever seen from the internet and that would be the reason why this tutorial is easy to understand.

    Are you able to make VB tutorial also? Hoping in advance. Many thanks!

  2. Hi kudvenkat, you said you would discuss other differences between async & thread in the next video, but there are none, are you planning on making more episodse?

  3. Mr. Venkat thanks a million, you are one of a kind, I do not know why we do not see any new videos for you any more? We wish you well, and thank you for the great videos you have produced and we did really enjoyed it. God Bless

  4. But is it possible to retain a "async await" pair and still be able to wait for the thread to finish? How do I achieve that?

  5. When the next video will come explaining the difference between Thread and Task and answering the question when to use what? Please upload the video soon discussing these two questions.
    Thank You

  6. I completed all 102 videos as a C# refresher and it was very informative and helpful, thank you! Unfortunately, this video mentions a "next video," but there is no next video, at least not here. Does this series live on elsewhere or is this the end of the C# series?

  7. but that doestn answer the question. you dont wait for the thread. the new thread is a new program. else after thread.start you shouldnt be able to do something… is there a code like task.waitall! for threads?

  8. Hi Venkat as you mentioned in your videos no. 102 on c# that you will discuss differences between task and thread in next video but i am unable to find any video on this topic. Please guide me if you have posted any videos on this topic.

  9. just a little confusion, can any one tell me : "is it necessary to learn windows form(c# gui based) application before moving to asp.net web forms? or just to know c# on console itself is enough to move towards asp.net web form ? plz help 🙂

  10. Finally I just completed the whole series of 102 videos and it took me about 45 days. I am now confident that i can now work c#. Thanks you Sir Vankat.

  11. I literally don't know how to show you my gratitude. You are an amazing teacher, and all this work for free? I mean, you explain C# like anyone else and share your knowledge to the world for free!
    You are an amazing person.
    I'll pay you back in the future when finally land a job!

  12. Hi ! i wanna ask something about Forms.

    How can i use a variable in TextBox.Text = " ";


    int a=2;

    Console.Write("Hi, I'am {0} years old.",a); // It works.

    But i want to use this syntax in Forms. Like this:

    int name = int.Parse(textBox1.Text);

    textBox2.Text = "Are you {0}",name; //

    i do not want to use this syntax: textBox2.Text = "Are you "+name;

  13. A new cool library AutoAPI, which creates WebAPIs end-points with appropriate verbs any SQL Server database you may have. Here it is https://GitHub.com/proinfocus/autoapi


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