Can you learn C# by reading a book? (C# Yellow Book)


If you are learning C# by yourself, you might feel the need for systematized information. That’s where free C# books come in handy!

Download C# Yellow Book:

When C# (or any knowledge, to be honest) is put into a book, there’s usually at least some structure that allows you to gradually move from the fundamentals to complex topics. Rob Miles did a great job, because by reading “C# Yellow Book” not only will you get all the information you may need to start making meaningful C# programs or develop games in Unity, but you will also have some fun because of the unique style of writing and silly jokes.

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  1. This is why we love the indie dev community! Sharing knowledge helps everyone out, and we all make better games.
    We would love to see a video from you (a tutorial, perhaps?) that addresses some specific, particularly challenging elements of C# that might be useful for fellow devs too. Also, your simple illustrations make your video a bit more unique, well done 🙂


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