Cm Guitar Chord (3 Easy Versions)


The Cm guitar chord is difficult, so let’s learn some easy versions! Go to to get a free copy of our special report: ‘The 7 Steps To Guitar Mastery’.

This video is part of a series of free guitar lessons for beginners that teaches easy guitar chords. Click the link above and we’ll send you our best stuff for free. No catches. Just high-quality free guitar tutorials. We’re spreading the love! 🙂


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  2. New to guitar. My fingers hurt so bad by practicing these chords— bm, cm and c#m are one same chord, just need to place fingers on different fret.

  3. It would be helpful if you had mentioned where the fingering needs to be. It is very frustrating trying to see where your fingers were placed on the guitar.

  4. It is always confusing if when you state where to place your fingers, you just say "here, here and here" without saying in words where you you mean. IMHO, it is best to use the letter names for the strings. Otherwise the video is helpful, especially with the chord diagrams.

  5. This video was very helpful. I am currently learning the guitar and playing chords that I'm unfamiliar with, but this video has made my life much easier haha! Thanks 🙂

  6. Surely that last chord is a Csus2 not Cm. The notes played are G, C, D and G. There is no flattened 3rd (Eb).  Finger the D string at the Ist fret and then the chord becomes C minor – G, C, Eb and G.


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