C#m Guitar Chord Progression


Learn to play the C#m, A, E, and B chords plus some substitutes and a couple of strum patterns. You can find more free acoustic guitar lessons at

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  2. C#m, A, E, B is the perfect introduction and how to play The Gin Blossoms until I fall away up until the bridge all those chords get you through the first verse the introduction and the course

  3. After you dislocate the finger bone to reach the c#m, how long does it take for the bone joint to repair so you can play?

  4. For the second strumming pattern, does anyone know whether this is in 8th notes or 16th notes. I don't have a musical background so I'm trying to learn about beats and such. After hearing the 2nd strumming pattern on repeat many, many times, this is what I have.

    D0du, MUTE d, ud,d du


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