Connect C# Application to SQLite Database and interact with it


In this video you’ll learn how to install SQLite in Visual studio via NuGet packages manager, Also how to create and connect to sqlite database along with interacting with it.
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  1. Why when I type public SQLiteConnection myConnection; there is an underline under SQLConnection ? I followed your instructions step by step multiple times and not sure if I missed something or not. The sqlite reference is there, the using statement is there as well. I am using VS Community 2015.

  2. Is there a way to get this working with WinForms? This functions perfectly in the main body of a console application but for whatever reason it's not doing very well trying to tie it to event listeners on various forms. I really like the straightforward way you presented the material it is a really good starting point. Thanks in advance!

  3. What if you wanted the data that was created inside of the Sqlite GUI to be Stored inside of a datagrid, would you mind helping me out with doing that.

  4. When you transfer the project to a new pc to run it (like you said the client for example) do you need to install the nuget package again like you did here?


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