Constructors in C#.NET Part 1 | C#.NET Tutorial | Mr. Bangar Raju


Introduction to .NET | C#.NET Tutorial | Mr. Bangar Raju

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  1. Sir,

    You mentioned four types of constructor here. But have seen a weird type of constructor in realtime. Please need explaination.

    sqlconnection con=new connection("connectionString");
    sqlcommand cmd=new sqlcommand("select statement",con);

    In above scenario, We have hybrid constructor where we are passing "string" and "object" as parameter of constructor. Please explain.

  2. sir if we can initialized the private member of class through function or method then what is the advantage to initialized the private member of the class through the constructor

  3. This video explains about the Constructors, which includes properties of constructors and the constructor types such as implicit(default) and explicit constructors.

  4. Sir Can we create more than one constructor inside class and In real project when it is necessary to have constructor in our project

  5. If variables used under a static block are considered as static then why that variable is not getting auto-initialized as of static variables?

    static int x;
    public static void Main(string[] args)


    int j;

    Console.WriteLine(x); // Gives auto initialized output i.e. 0
    Console.WriteLine(j); // Gives errror that: Use of unassigned local variable 'j'


    Why j didn't get initialized implicitly?

  6. this display movement is distracting. you should re-do this video with better prepared script and screen control, instead of repeating yourself 4 times and scrolling around


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