Coronavirus Hits Tom Hanks, The NBA & Congress's Vacation | The Daily Show


Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson test positive for coronavirus, the NBA cancels the rest of its season after a Utah Jazz player gets infected, Congress postpones their recess to keep working on the crisis, and monkeys in Thailand face a famine from the lack of tourists around to feed them. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #TomHanks #Coronavirus

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  1. But there is indeed an asteroid heading towards earth lol. Fortunately it's gonna be passing by a little further than the moon

  2. Trevor, keep the Knicks out your mouth. That was a low blow. You can talk shit about Dolan but don't talk shit about my Knicks.

  3. NOBODY we know will ever die from this. EVER!! Liars and scumbags propagating fear to help control the masses during this ECONOMIC COLLAPSE they are hiding

  4. I wonder how many people are going into "self quarantine" just as an excuse to have some "me time" from work and the rest of the world.

  5. Typhoid Trump has been exposed to several people in past week that tested positive for Covid-19 and/or been around positive people. And yet he continued meeting w other world leaders & proclaimed he hasn't been tested!

  6. He’s not wrong. My hospital has been holding back operations for HOURS while going over it with administration on why we should or should not have elective cases.

  7. why is somebody not trying to train me and you of how to take care of primary services such as trash and water and electricity for when I get sick and then get cleared We all need to take our part everybody's going to get hit why is no one training me of what to do once I start getting well again and other people are still sick?

    water sewer electricity everything mandatory and primary to prevent plague is going to go down If we don't have secondary third and fourth and fifth people train to take the places of the people that are doing it now

  8. Hey guys… I'm thinking of traveling for the next couple of days for R n R. I'm thinking I want to go to China. In Wuhan to be exact. Do you guys think this is a great idea just to get away from the coronavirus hysteria? Thanks in advance.

  9. Tom Hanks became “America’s Dad” long ago and will always be. I hope he grand Rita are able to beat this virus. ? Hopefully, Betty White stays safe.

  10. Space aliens: Now is the time to attack earth, let me just do a quick scan to see where to launch our attack and, oh hell no, let's get the fuck out of here!

  11. All jokes aside, I hope Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson get better because they’re both high risk patients. Being that Tom is a diabetic, and Rita is a breast cancer survivor. I send my love to them, and every other individual afflicted with this virus.???

  12. 2020 Is the worst year … anyone feel the same✋✋✋
    – Coronavirus
    Please Not much more ?️


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