Creating a PHP Search


This is a tutorial which goes over how to create a PHP search which filters out results from a database table. Sorry for the mistakes made in this video, the video following this goes over how to take this and make it instant with jQuery

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  1. Can't figure out how to put spaces and still search… For example, "John Doe" comes back as no results… but "John" or "Doe" works fine…???

  2. awesome video sir…but can you please create a search base on selected drop down list example if i want to search first name then i select first the drop down list and find it using textbox in php

  3. Bro how can i make a request via Google and get the output in my localhost
    Actually i wanna make a subdomain scanner in php but not getting idea
    I want to make it search via Google (by Dorking) but i dont know that how to make request via Google and get the output of it..

  4. I've been quoted 8 hrs to implement a PHP Search function on a site I'm having built , seems like you knocked it out in a fraction of the time… would you say my developer is inflating their numbers a bit?

  5. Superb sir can make the same video but with fast compleat explanation. . How you recording those names… and output…I really learnt and enjoyed this session …I hope you .. respond my request with specific results …. all the best ✌?

  6. Nowadays this code is very insecure. I would recommend searching for an updated tutorial as this one uses deprecated mysql functions. No shade on the video itself but just giving newcomers to php a heads up!

  7. its good but my concern is that i am making a real estate website in this i have a search form that have property-location property-type and property id so how to search it from php search operation. i want to get in output property_location propertytype and id…. plz answer me

  8. while using the db code, i am getting this error " Warning: mysqli_select_db() expects exactly 2 parameters, 1 given in C:xampphtdocsLoginsearch.php on line 4

    could not find db!"


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