Creating Online Exam/Test System using C# .Net MVC Step by step Part 1


This tutorial is a step by step walk through on how to create an online exam system using mvc technology.

Technologies: c# .net mvc, Entity Framework, SQL Server,
Part 1: Covers demo, design plan, creating projects
Part 2: The login screen
Part 3: Instructions (Passing View Model to page)
Part 4: Registering User for Exam
Part 5: Preparing the Models and framework for the Questions and Answers Page
Part 6: Saving (POST) the answers using View Models
Part 7: Creating the JavaScript timer



  1. Hi Nelvin. Brilliant series of videos. Thanks for sharing. I've followed up to the end of video 6. One more to go. Would you be able to please send me the source code:

  2. It's very urgent, can anyone tell me how to create this Database by seeing this schema in video?
    or does anyone have this Database?

  3. How to open word application like ms word ,excel ppt in mdi parent (not word text file) and save edited file through vb save btn and exit plzzzzz full detail and I have a design form already if u have whatsapp then give No. I will send u farma design plzzz emergency

  4. Great …….Please upload an another Lecture on getting image with detail on id based using entity framework repository pattern. THIS IS SPECIALLY REQUEST.

  5. Hi, I am interested in repeating same exercise, I wonder if you could share your project and code: thanks.

  6. Hi sir, I love your video and i must confess, you did a very great job, I would love if you could send me a copy of the database to
    thanks so much

  7. Hello, we need to make an online test system for our school project. We just started. We do not have any examples. Would you like to share the project with us or give more detailed codes? Please please please.
    Mail address:


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