Disable Bypass Remove Google Account Lock FRP on any Samsung phone!


Video showing a Google Account Lock successfully being bypassed on a Galaxy Note 5, when the OTG method does not work. Google includes this security feature with all phones on Android 5.1 and up so that when a device is reset without first removing the Google account, the device is locked to the previous owner’s account. This bypass process can be done to virtually any Samsung device by allowing the user to bypass the screen that asks for the Google account of the previous user.

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  1. I need a video on a MetroPCS made by T-Mobile article 7 phone I cannot get bypassed without having the previous owners email address

  2. I watch the video where it show me to turn the Talkback on and I have to make letter L to go to TalkBack settings for screen is cracked and I cannot figure out to do the L without getting cut on the screen

  3. I have a samsung galaxy note 5 and I factory reset it and I put my WiFi password in and then it told me to accept the terms and conditions so I ticked both boxes and clicked agree but whenever I do that it takes me back to the welcome screen where it tells me to select my language I don't know what to do please help

  4. guys to put it in the download mode press the home button and the power button and the volume down button while it is shut down

    your welcome? at the same time

  5. Subscribe for what? So you can tell everybody what they already know? Who wouldn't know the phone is Google FRP locked? Why would you waste time explaining that? What are you doing? Advertising? Bet you can't FRP unlock a Galaxy J7 Star? Tell me how to do that. I might respond to your elementary advertising. L

  6. Hello,my problem is,i used my gmail account to help my mom to use the play store on her samsung phone, and ever since all my mails goes to her phone.Though i have my gmail app on my iphone.I even had to remove my email ad from her phone and create a new one for her.i still couldnt get my new mails,buh immediately i log on to her phone i get everything there???Can u pls help me out?

  7. Hi, i bought an samsung galaxy s10plus, but everytime i get a message verify your samsung account. what to do? i know my password ,but still get the message

  8. I just bought a Samsung Galaxy A30 and got same problem and really freaking me out coz I forgot my Google password and I can't not open it.

  9. This video is uselesss because you said to plug in the usb cable and don’t even show us what you plug the other end to of it is a laptop then tell me what software!!!

  10. I don’t have a cable to pretend like I am downloading something. I have two phones that I am currently locked out of and cannot bypass either Google account please help

  11. Nobody realizes that buying another used phone is a superior option than all this hassle. Lol!.. no phone is worth unlocking. Throw that shyt out ppl ahaaaa!

  12. SCAM: He used 2 identical phones. You need to to press the vol. up + home and power to go into download mode. BEWARE THIS IS A SCAMMER!!!!


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