Don't Learn These 5 Languages in 2020


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Don’t Learn These 5 Languages in 2020. There are several critical coding languages you can learn in the coming year. However, some languages are dying or are already dead programming languages.

If you are new to coding, you probably wondering the best programming languages to learn. It’s as essential to know what not to learn. All coding languages have some value, but not all are going to move you forward as quickly as times change, and the languages that are in-demand in the industry are a moving target.

Don’t Learn These 5 Languages

Ok, so you want to learn to code. But there’s like a dozen languages you could learn first. Truthfully, many of them would be a good place to start. However, there are a few languages you should avoid. Today: Five Programming languages you should avoid in 2020.

As you start learning to code there are loads of people on Youtube like me giving you advice. Some say to start with Java, others recommend Python. A few recommend C# as the place to start. Well, I don’t want to be one of those people. Instead, I want to tell you exactly what languages to avoid in 2020. Let’s start with #5…

#5 Avoid learning C or C++. C and C++ are great languages, and they are the basis of the languages we frequently use today. However, they are old. When I say old, I mean “from the 70’s” old. Age alone isn’t a good reason to avoid learning a language, but, C and C++ aren’t used much anymore in software development. These languages predate the web, require that you manage the memory used by your apps yourself. While there are some C and C++ jobs out there working on older systems, these are not the languages I’d build my career around.

#4 Avoid learning Java. This is the one that will make people want to throw things at me. Java is taught in loads of college computer science courses and is an excellent enterprise language. In fact, it is one of the languages I learned in college. And Java is still frequently used today. In fact, it’s the language used to create Android applications. But, here’s the thing: Java is complex, heavy, and just not a great place to start your coding career. Get some experience under your belt– Then come back to Java. But for right now, as someone learning to code, it’s one of the languages I’d avoid.

#3 Avoid learning Objective C. Objective C is a more contemporary version of the C programming language. A decade ago it was all the rage and everyone was learning to code in objective C. And now… No one. According to Google Trends searches for Objective C peaked in the summer of 2012 and are not only about 20% of what they were. So what happened? Initially, Apple picked Objective C as the language of iOS development. All the initial iOS apps were coded in Objective C. And then, Apple introduced people to Swift, a much easier to grasp and less verbose language. That was all she wrote for Objective C. It’s dead and gone and not something you should be learning in 2020.

#2 Avoid learning Ruby. A few years ago the Ruby language and Ruby on rails framework were all the rage. It seemed everyone was learning Ruby and using Ruby on Rails. And then, they weren’t. It seems Ruby was the victim of the success and growth of JavaScript. As more people used popular JavaScript libraries like ReactJS and Angular, they left Ruby behind. Ruby’s dead. Gone. Deceased. Gone to the great galactic bit bucket in the sky. Wish Ruby Au Revoir and spend your time learning something else.

#1 Avoid learning R. This is going to make some data scientists grumble. ‘R’ is a great language for taking deep dives into data. However, so is Python. And that’s what the industry seems to have chosen. While R is used in some academic environments, it was designed for statisticians. Unlike Python, it has a steep learning curve. On the other hand, Python is a great beginner’s language and one that people can pick up quickly. Plus Python can be used outside of data analysis. R was very popular for a while, but now, people are choosing Python for their data work.

There you go– 5 languages to avoid in 2020. I’m Mark Lassoff with Framework. If you liked this video, do me a favor and hit the like button. We’re constantly coming out with new content for people entering the world of development and digital design. Subscribe and hit the little bell so you don’t miss out. Thanks for watching!


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  1. B.S++. According to you, we should learn nothing. "14 years in the programming business and I know for a fact that all programming languages are not perfect, however, it depends on your need and what kind of application or system your making. My advice you should learn C for writing efficient, low-level code and learn Java for understanding OOP. Clojure for functional programming and so on. My advice learn one and get really good at it! learn the one that turns you one and make something useful that we benefit from or make some money out of it

  2. C and C++ are used a lot. Actually, they are used to build the most interesting stuff, i.e. the stuff where performances still matter and you cannot throw code monkeys at. Examples? All recent deep learning frameworks (e.g. TensorFlow, Pytorch) are written in C++. Python is used to call that C++ code, but the developers who worked on those projects wrote C++, not Python.

    Don't learn Java? In Italy and in many areas of the world, the great majority of big companies require Java; others require C#. Java is still the most teached languages in universities, meaning that there will be high availability of Java programmers, which is crucial for companies.

    I love Python, but not many companies use it for web development. Python is used almost only for machine learning.

  3. I would rather generalize it… Learn any object oriented programming language learn it by heart…. Master the key concepts four Pillers of OOP.

    Then you are good to go with any modern language even the older ones…

    Being a programmer myself I should focus on concepts like OOP , Data structures, design patterns SOLID principals… We should be syntax independent…

  4. you dont make video seriously man…You are saying dont learn java because its complex…then you are saying learn some simple language then come to java….man u have to just tell 5 outdated languages in 2020 ..u r bothered about easy or difficult..that is different topic…u just ran long way away from the topic

  5. Airbnb, shopify, github, groupon and many big companies are using ruby. Also ruby on rails developers are among the highest paid developers. Ruby is an amazing language and one should definitely learn it. The fact you are claiming angular and react to be replacing ruby tells how much you know.


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