Drainage of a gluteal abscess


This patient presented acutely, to the clinic where I work, with rapidly accelerating rectal pain over the last 24 hours. Abscesses in this area can be quite large as around the rectum there are a lot of cavities where things can expand into. Medically we call these ‘3rd spaces’. As a result of mediocre anaesthesia at best, I was not aggressive in my attempts to break down loculations and I also elected to pack this. Happily, this healed quite well overnight and I did not repack the following day. A week later the area looked completely normal. As always, feel free to comment.


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  1. Got one now in same spot doc gave me antibiotics and said go to a&e if the pain is so bad you cant take it anymore but it should pop on own in week or so it started weeping but it hurts so much i want it gone may go a&e should I let go on own

  2. I came here because I felt one on myself. I am hoping it goes away on its own. Just wondering if I sought treatment in my area if I would get such a competent doctor? Thanks for posting.

  3. I think I had one of yrs ago .It popped on its on.Today I also have where the lump got big and pulled the skin in the butt check open caused it to crack down the middle. Once in a blue moon if I sit on something hard or bend over to long . Swollen not pus happens and breaks the area open again .


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