ecommerce php tutorial, Adding a buy button


This tutorial is based on a project I did in college for my “Web Development” course. I wrote the original document that this tutorial is based on, about 2 years ago, it totalled a whopping 63 pages of text and source code and took about two months to finish. If you see mentions to a “customer” it’s because each project had a virtual customer, played by the teacher, that would give feedback on different steps of the process.

Back then web development was very new to me, I only had a few sites under my belt, most of which were static or at best modified versions of WordPress themes.

Some of the code and techniques presented here might not be up to date or there might be better ways of achieving the same result. I’m always open to sugestions on how to improve my code so if you think you can help, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Building the basic HTML document
In order to meet my customer’s demands, I needed to design the website from scratch. None of the templates found online were suitable for the site I was designing. Instead I started with an empty html document and made sure along the way that the HTML code that I wrote was compatible with the XHTML 1.0 standard and optimized for SEO.


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