Enumerables (IEnumerable, IEnumerator) | C# Programming Tutorials Beginners: 17


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Part of the series of tutorials on programming C# for beginners

Understand what enumeration, enumerators and enumerable are, how we create them and when and why we use them



  1. Great stuff Sir thank you for the work you put in this. I have a noobish question maybe someone reading these might help. Where are the function of the IEnumerator interface for the Array for example MoveNext() implemented? IMHO it should have been implemented by the the class Array but I don't see any function called MoveNext() in the list of methods in 03:01. While I am already at it is there a way to see the internal implementations of those methods?

  2. Hi Luke, I have a video (series?) request. Would you have any advice for those thinking of setting up a software company, getting the word out and getting those first few sales in? I think lots of us would love to do this but there is a lack of advice about the non software side. Any advice you can offer would be much appreciated.

  3. you know what is sorely lacking on the internet? any kind of in depth Visual Studio 'Blend' tutorials. all i've found are very basic tutorials, but I am thinking there is sooooo much more Blend can do

  4. First of all, thank you for your greet content!!! It´s awesome. I´m a new programmer and i love your videos. Is it possible to make a video to Component Object Model?

  5. You always have the perfect timing with all your videos. Currently finishing off my education with Algoritms And Datastructure and first day we were building our own version of the common .NET collection algoritms.

  6. I appreciate the effort in your videos. There are far less informative tutorials compared to yours on other platforms which even cost money. Thank you for doing this.

  7. Hi AngelSix, thanks for creating amazing content. I would like to know whether you are going to do some videos about C# 8.0 and .NET Core 3.0? I would appreciate that so much!


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