Evolution of Zoo Tycoon 2001-2017 – What happened to Zoo Tycoon?


What happened to Zoo Tycoon? Which Zoo Tycoon is the best? The Evolution of Zoo Tycoon Games 2001-2017. Zoo Tycoon Xbox. Zoo Tycoon Evolution. Will there ever be a new Zoo Tycoon Game? Will there be a Zoo Tycoon 3? Why was Zoo Tycoon on the Xbox bad? Zoo Tycoon 2013 Review.

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  1. I almost bought the 2017 version because it was on sale for $5, but I decided to buy a downloadable version of Zoo Tycoon 2 for $20 instead. I’m very satisfied with my choice.

  2. Tycoon now well it’s hard for me ever since I’ve never played that game but my dad did but he has not played the old version of this

  3. I'm 20, and I still play ZT2, though heavily modded to look better and offer more animals. It's still a great game, and I don't think it will ever stop being great.

  4. I never seen any video related to the new Zoo Tycoon and decided to go bought it on steam. Imidiately ask for refund after 5 minute of gameplay

  5. Did anyone went crazy sometimes? Like saving the game first and letting all the animals out to purge? No? Yeah me neither…

  6. I remember Zoo Tycoon 2. I enjoyed creating zoos and all, but I LOVED crafting my own stories by building mountains and forests to mimic the natural wilderness.
    I recall a story I told through a wolf pack in the mountains and forests I built in the selected campaign locations; I created my own streams and rivers, and made one wolf (Good) fight another (Bad) wolf, and took their fight to a tall waterfall for an epic finale…That game was fun.
    Hopefully I can do the same with Planet Zoo!

  7. im still playing zoo tycoon 2 and i played once zoo tycoon and…i hatet it :T so i can agree to this opionion…i still hope that there will be a zoo tycoon 3 but on the same time i dont think that there is any zoo tycoon 3 devolepment

  8. Zoo Tycoon was the first pc game I ever owned (being 1 of 5 that's a big deal). I just found my expansion disc for Marine Mania and Dino Digs and am installing it so I can start building a banger zoo again. This is my favorite and as long as the disc runs on my computers I will play it.

  9. My husband got the newer Tycoon for me since it was free and I've been playing it. I enjoy the challenges rather than making my own. This video does make miss Zoo Tycoon 2 and the building creativity ?

  10. Just spent several hours looking for 1 and 2 because it's seemingly impossible to locate them without some stupid stipulation like Amazon where it's only available US.
    Still prefer 1 over 2 but both of them are far better than the disappointing shit that came out on Xbox.

  11. I just wish Planet zoo and Planet Coaster would come out on PlayStation 4 or 5. I also wish you didn’t need an extremely nice computer for the game

  12. ZooTycoon2 was my First game I ever owned that was actually mine, I remember playing 2 hours every day on my dads old desktop with the boxy screen.
    Even then that was just the base game, until Christmas one year when he got me the Marine Mania Expansion pack that gave me even more hours of fun; Then when my dad took me too the video game store while he got a game I saw the Complete collection I just had to get it, and just like the MM expansion I Couldn't get enough.

    When i heard that there was a new Zootycoon coming to Xbox I asked my parents to get me an Xbox just to play it, even though i didn't own one.
    and too my disappointment and frustration after finding out the Antelopes were Xbox one exclusive, Really ruined the game experience for me.

    In some ways Planet Zoo was want I wanted but the Name "Zoo tycoon" was forever gone to me, only limited to the First game which i never really played since i was younger and my Favourite game of all time ZT2.

  13. I loved Zoo tycoon and still do and to see what they have done with it hurts ..i l have to try Planet zoo and im and adult …..

  14. I ended up getting ZT3 at Walmart for $10. At first it was fun and I enjoyed but I eventually got bored with it.
    Unfortunately for the game, all the points made in this video is quite true. Another problem I had with it was there were no wolves or hyenas. It claims to be an "ultimate collection" but they didn't add a single wolf species. The original game had 3 species of wolf, AWDs, and hyenas. The fact that they took all of those out and gave us a lot of animal subspecies was very disappointing to me.

  15. I’ve been playing Zoo Tycoon and ZT2 since 2003. I 1000% would still sink hours into building a complex and creative zoo using these games. Planet Zoo is the Zoo Tycoon 3 that Microsoft missed out on.

  16. Same thing happened to me. Picked up an Xbox One (for the first time) for Zoo Tycoon and was super disappointed. The Xbox has been collecting dust since then.

  17. Dude I’ve been looking for my zoo tycoon 2 for a week now and can’t find it, and when I do I fully plan to play it for at least seventy five hours consecutively

  18. I loved Zoo Tycoon and Zoo Tycoon 2 sooo much! Now I have problems to get warm with Planet Zoo..don't know why. Maybe the whole building thing is overwhelming. I always thought there would be a real Zoo Tycoon 3 someday.

  19. What do you think about Planet Zoo? To me it feels like that's supposed to be our new Zoo Tycoon except of course we don't have any marine animals (yet) and I doubt we're going to get dinosaurs since Frontier already made Jurassic World Evolution and they probably want to keep it realistic. Honestly I love it so far and I like that it gives me a nostalgic feel since like the first zoo tycoon game we have to paint the terrain to make the animal happy with their environment! Also unlike the nasty Zoo Tycoon 2013 we got our ability to create and make the zoos of our dreams!

    Edit: Oh and another thing that's nostalgic is the fucking panic of losing all of my money at the start of building up my zoo

  20. I was SO disappointed by the most recent Zoo Tycoon! I still play Zoo Tycoon 2 with all the expansions sometimes. Planet Zoo is exactly what we hoped Zoo Tycoon 3 would be! I highly recommend it

  21. Planet Zoo is great. The only bad thing about it is that some of the controls aren't very user-friendly, but once you learn it, it's a fantastic game and the animals look amazing. Previous to that, ZT2 was the best zoo game.


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