Full Complete Zed Guide For Season 10 (Zed Combos, Builds and Runes) – League of Legends


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Yo guys Aatrixx here, so I took a few days off to not only make my Zed guide but also figure out what I wanna upload for the first part of season 10 ranked, I should be streaming really soon but I plan on going to America for a full month so I might get a lvl 30 lpp account to record on the NA Server

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  1. Yo guys Aatrixx here, so I do apologise for not uploading sooner but I really wanted to focus on getting this Zed video edited whilst also figuring out other things for the next couple weeks but with the Zed guide out, I will now focus on ranked and other videos for the next couple of days whilst holding a poll for the next 2 champion guides so make sure to vote.


    Abilities: 0:58

    Combos: 7:45

    Runes: 13:23

    Build: 16:11

    Summoners: 19:00

    Max Skill Order: 19:16

  2. great guide man, new to the game so seeing this is awesome thanks dude, also whats the beat you got playing in the background??

  3. Hello Aatrixx, this video got you my sub, I was absolutley hopeless with zed with a very low kda and an even worse win rates. Then the first game i played after watching (and practicing combo's in practice tool) I dominated and carried and yes, Won. Thank you very much

  4. Yoo nice video btw another second Rune is Presence of mind and Coup the Grace also i think black Cleaver and Mortal reminder should be seen as situational items because Maybe they dont have a tank and also add lord Dominik regards its very good

  5. Cheap shot is going to do around 1% more damage compared to sudden impact best just to take taste of blood where you get a free pot around every 2 mins
    Aery into fizz since you would rarely proc electrocute or if you want a stronger level 1-2 for an early kill

  6. You should put time stamps in the description so we can easily click on it rather than scrubbing to get an exact time

  7. So you buy first:
    Youmouu's Ghostblade, than boots, than black cleaver, than duskblade or mortal reminder, than edge of night?
    And for the runes, why don't you take in your second pricision with coup de grace, and triumph? Is that not better?
    Other question, your lvl 1 combo: auto attack, E, auto attack. But how can you use E on lvl 1 if you level Q first..

    Thanks for your time. Great video!

  8. Hey man great video! I was wanting to start playing Zed just so i can have a good mid laner (im a top main) so this vid really helped out!


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