Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max Camera Test Comparison


The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra gets put up against the iPhone 11 Pro Max in our camera test comparison between both devices. We will go over some of the different S20 Ultra camera modes like 8K video recording and how it compares against Apple’s 4K video, portrait modes, night mode, etc.

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  1. If it makes anyone feel better – i really like the S20 Ultra. I think its an incredible Android phone ??‍♂️

  2. A photo comparison with a 1080p YouTube video?
    The world is becoming increasingly stupid.
    The only motivation of such countless stupid videos… …is to generate advertising revenue. 1,000,000 clicks = about $1,000.
    This is the only motivation for many YouTubers.

  3. I am a hard core Galaxy fan. But I do have to agree most of the iPhone pics looked way better. And I sell phones so this really helps me out that you

  4. Samsung image at 1:21 is reversed backwards like a mirror image. Did you do that or is that how it actually comes out?

  5. Samsung never crushed shadows in the past. They blew highlights only. Everyone knows that.
    Also, literally every single image you took after potrait section looked to have better HDR and realistic colors on the samsung. The iphone just looked blue
    Its funny that u say one thing, but the video shows another.

  6. Right after this video, I went straight to Verizon for that S20 Ultra. Thanks for your biased review. It really makes me hate iPhone to see Apple users put down Androids.

  7. He seems to downplay when the s20 is better when its so obvious in the photos shown. Iphone photos often looked washed out and soft. He seemed to get stuck on that 8k spec more than people looking to buy the phone.

  8. Thsi review is definitely biased, the samsungs video on 4 60 was better in stabilization the iphone had far more jelly effect ,and the hdr on the s20 is insane, the only problem i think is the white balance, and that will definitely be fixed in an update ,just like what happend with the note 10 ,when people reviewed it first it came out it was good but not as much as it is right now

  9. My conclusion is the camera quality is reaching a point where we are splitting hairs. Both camera’s are great, but the phone because of the OS you prefer!

  10. Everyone should watch Danny Wignet for an Unbias opinion review on the IPhone, Pixel, S20 you didnt give a good comparison.

  11. I dont know what to buy. Some guys say iphone is better and some galaxy s20. Videos are different on some videos


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