GENIUS FOOD HACKS AND FUNNY TRICKS || DIY Food Tips and Life Hacks by 123 GO!


Ever wish you could elevate your eating experience? Hey, you chow down every day, so why not make things a little easier on yourself?

Get your appetites ready because we’ve scrounged up some seriously awesome food hacks you didn’t even know you needed.

Counting down the minutes ’til you can try these delicious food hacks? Before you go, be sure to share these awesome tricks with your friends and don’t forget to subscribe to 123GO!’s YouTube channel for more great tips like these!

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  1. Yelling at my phone ☎️ right now
    Add more milk!!!!!!
    Get another glass!!!!!!
    123 go make kids dumb af
    Get out of my recommendations

  2. Why are you making Kevin look so bad? He only makes one hack, and acts like a human version of Patrick! Like, he knows better than to just have his snacks out like that, knows what Lilly looks like, and knows how to get a shorter, wider glass.

  3. Unha pintada e vc de boa e vc pra mim e pro resto da vida do meu amor de Deus e vc é assim mesmo que não de policial isso que não de é o que

  4. Lily is a smart girl she is not cheeting in the class test your teacher is very smart Lily you are my best friend please…

  5. Me: your gonna get fat cuz of all those treats. Lily: this amount of treats is healthy. Me: ALL OF U GUYS ON EARTH ARE SO STUPID YOU DONT EVEN KNOW COVID-19 IS GONNA GO AWAY IN SUMMER!!!! HOW DUMB ARE YOU HUMANS!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Kevin: she won't notice if I snag a bit. Me: it's literally cut she has to know. Lily: oh he was took nothing i see. Me: ARE YOU DUMB OR SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!


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