Getting into Game Programming with C# or C++


Talking about the realities of game programming. So, should you learn C++ and C# to get into game programming.

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  1. I am 13 years old and I want to get into indie game development… I want to make 3D games so starting today I am starting to learn blender modeling and C++ so that when I get older and can afford a good enough PC for unreal I can make my own 3D games (:

  2. you titled c++ or c# yet you didn't referenced that topic of differences between them, in related to gaming, at all -> thumb down

  3. hi just would like to ask in some ways to tackle learning I don't learn that much c# from watching because I cant apply codes without looking at the tutorials?

  4. For anyone watching this Stefan doesn't really know anything about this field, while he's right learning to be a programmer makes u flexible all else fail. Don't be scared to be diligent a get into this field if you're serious.

  5. Yeah and it’s not just making games play testing games is awful and several ex game testers say it ruined video games for them

  6. Try becoming a Chartered Accountant in South Africa:
    Shit work
    They abuse you because they are all narcissistic cunts
    And sell you on the belief that one day you will be a god-like CA. Similarly to what cults do.

  7. As he says, game programming is a good way to learn about programming and software engineering, even if you don't go into the field. Plus, you might end up making small games on your own or with some friends, which can be fun and rewarding. The industry is extremely hard to get into, literally harder than being hired by a national laboratory, and it sounds like it isn't really worth it. But making games for fun is great!

  8. As always, this video was empty of content for anyone who has spent at least one week programming.
    Moreover, no! All programming languages are not equivalent and going from one programming language to another is not as easy as it seems. There is a reason why most C++ developers know Python and write the best software, while most Python developers don't know C++ and mostly write primitive code.

    We all know that popular things are the hardest to succeed in. If the person that asked the question wants to work into gaming, then i recommend C# if he/she plan on staying on Windows and using the unity game engine. However since most AAA games are built using C++ because of its power and power over memory (C++20 will be phenomenal), he/she can build games for everything: I read that even those .io games, like are built based on C++. JavaScript's interpreter itself is written in C and C++ and NodeJS is fully in C++, which means even complex online games will require some sort of C++ some way or another. There are API on android, which make building games in C++ for android a possibility (certainly a bit harder than Java and Kotlin but faster)

    Also, going from C++ to any other programming languages is easy. The other way around isn't. I am biased toward C++, as i think it is the king of languages. Therefore i recommend you C++, not only because of my bias, but because you can built any game with it, at the best performance possible using C++.

    Have a nice day man.

  9. C++ for most studios. If you work at a studio that uses Unity Game Engine, then C#.

    C++ has a little more control and therefore is more often used as games require the upmost control and predictably.

  10. If you compare the software development branch of a game development studio to the game development branch of said studio, you will find different qualities of life, if you look outside of the gameing industry theres more quality of life… if you are worried that software dev skills wont translate into gamedev skills then thats a wrong thought to have… best thing to do is, do it your own time… no need to worry and you can make some money ob the side, you wont HAVE to!


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