Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL full review: Great camera, but just too expensive


The Google Pixel 4 has one of the best cameras around. But with limited storage and plenty of affordable Android alternatives, this phone and the Pixel 4 XL are just too expensive.

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  1. My wife just got the pixel 4 and I have the iPhone 11 pro. Tbh the pixel 4 imo is better almost everywhere besides battery life and brightness in screen. Also too expensive? Apple products rape people lubeless and you guys never seem to bat an eye.

  2. The first time I wish I could go back to my last phone (Pixel 3xl).
    Pixel 4xl list of let downs "for me":
    1.) Missing fingerprint reader. (Reasoning: It's difficult to face unlock when your phone is mounted to your dash and you're driving down the road. Yes, smart lock is an option but very insecure.)
    2.) XL apparently means Extra Long. The Pixel 4xl is more narrow than the 3xl. I'm 6'4" and these phones are far to narrow for my hands. XL should mean "Extra Large aka oversized aka uncomfortable for normal people"
    3.) Face Unlock is slower than using the fingerprint reader and less convenient. I'm not a finger painter and my hands are typically free and clean, so no need there…

  3. I disagree and am tired with people who keep saying it's overpriced. OnePlus is out here charging $700 for a phone and people are acting like that is somehow "cheap." Yet, the Pixel has a better camera, wireless charging, more advanced face unlock, better water resistance, better speakers, faster software support, longer lasting software support. Like, is this phone supposed to cost less than OnePlus phones? Because it's clearly a superior phone. Why is OnePlus considered cheap but Google is considered expensive? They are almost the same price but the Pixel is a way better phone.

  4. Wait for Black Friday, you just might save 2to3hundred. At their current 800.00+ dollars there is just no value for what's offered!

  5. I'm amused that they talk about the screen to body ratio difference between the iphone 11 and the pixel 4 xl when there's like 1% difference between the two.

  6. Keep in mind I know she said that their screens are the same but they could not be any more different than where they are now. You should have had a pink details.

  7. The screen looks even worse than my galaxy S8, which was almost 3 years old. Even most mid-range phones are close to full screen now. These expensive Google Pixel 4 phones look like a cheap phone, at least from the appearance.

  8. $800 expensive ?? Then what about iphone ?? This is what is called as bias. CNET has been apple fan boy and they always provide negative reviews about apple competitors. This video one of the many videos which just proves the point

  9. I'm still going to upgrade from my Pixel 2, just not now. It'll be the right price in a few months, plus all of the kinks and bugs should be smooth out by then. Btw, OnePlus should be used as an example of value for the money, not Samsung.

  10. I'm a really big fan of pixel family since pixel 2 up to this pixel 4… I hoping this one will be available in the Philippines

  11. Lol, no stars in the city, lol. It's funny, in Europe all the classy rich people live in the country, and cities are ghettos for the unfortunate. Funny that educated Americans will willingly live in the city. Like a dog that loves his carrier crate more than the yard. Whatever, if people in and NYC and LA want to think they got it made, why burst their bubble.


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