He Finds This Old Camera But Is Left Speechless After Developing The Film


He finds this old camera but is left speechless after developing the film. Today, we take a look at what was found on this old camera.

Cameras are great for capturing memories. They allows us to look back on moments in our life and reflect on what was going on at that point in time. Many of us have taken photographs of our loved one and friends, and every so often these photos are brought to the surface.

However, some have found old photographs that they don’t remember taking, or even more worryingly remember taking but don’t remember certain individuals being there at the time. This was the case for this photograph that not many have seen.

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  1. That my friends is the reaper. I have seen the reaper before. No joke. And I wasn't alone. My bestie was with me and saw it too. Now that being said. On to the photo in question. On the left are possibly 2 people. One looks like it could be the guy in black and white. Then there are 2 people possibly 3 on the right. Only one is seen clearly. The person warring black and white… I think is behind the man in blue jeans to the left. As u can see the cloud of darkness covering the 2 guys on the right. Of which is a cloud coming from the reaper. And I guaranteed you that one of those 2 guys on the right… If not both… Are now deceased.

  2. Why I gave you thumbs down. You went on and on and on and on and on after you showed the photos then you continued on about things not about the photos.

  3. Well I can tell you that I took a picture with a disposable camera and when I got it developed there was a what appears to be a angel near the Xmas lights outside it had a face but it was a skull I don't care who doesn't believe me dude I know what I saw

  4. I think I saw a Shadow Person peeking out from behind a tree in a cemetery once.

    I also think I saw one standing in a neighbor's driveway one night while walking the dog.

  5. Night terrors or sleep paralysis is incredibly scary. There is a scientific reason for it, that we are stuck between dream and awake in which our body is still paralyzed from REM. But what I find curious and/or strange is that everybody seems to have nearly the same "nightmare" when they're in this state. Why would that be? We don't all dream the same things so why would night terrors be so similar between individuals?

  6. Actually there is 6 friend is in the pic. Two to the left and 3 to the right of the 1 with the guy in black!! The pic with the ghost He's to the right(or the left of the pic) standing in between the other the guy's, just count the feet. And the other is beside the guy on the far left!! Count up all the feet And you'll see them all…

  7. Well done for squeezing out that 10 minute mark, first 2 minutes the story is done, not happy about donating my view here, when it's clear that's all you're interested in.

  8. In the alternate picture; does any one else see figures in the background that are the opposite of shadows? Like white figures?

  9. I'm not a professional with cameras but there are three standing to the right. You can see the third guys tennis's. And if you look closely behind the dark entity above it you can see an angel in the mist and you see a long streak as well. So those kids were definitely protected ?

  10. The dark shadow if you take a screen shot and blow it up there appears to be two faces one that looks like bull face looking at the two boys but in the middle of the dark image there’s a second face also in the second photo if you blow the photo up there are plenty of Faces


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