How to Create, Rename and Move File in C#


How to Create, Rename and Move File in C#:

Working steps o Create, Rename and Move File in C#:
1. Take a new form, design it with Heading Label, button – changed some font and color properties to look better.
2. Copy a button clear its previous event and name , text then create click event to write code
3. At first define file path and file name.
4. In the path setting you can set MyPictures, MyDocument, MyMusic,MyDesktop and MyComputer with Any drive path and any location in Environment.SpecialFolder…….here.
5. Then create this file in the desired folder.You can set any folder path with proper backslash.
6. You can rename or move the folder with same code.
7. Before moving file to new location create location and set the path properly
8. Check the code and run.

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