How To Delay Function Execution In GoDot Using C# – GoDot Tips And Tricks


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More often than not in game development, you will need to execute a function after a delay. For example, if you finish the game and you want to show the score you will wait a couple of seconds before you do that.

Or if you kill an enemy, before you spawn the next one you will wait for the first enemy to disappear from the game and then call a function to create a new enemy.

Whatever the case is, delaying a function execution is essential to know when it comes to game development.

In this video, we will see how can we delay function’s execution using GoDot engine and C#



  1. Two Cups Of Coffee Or Become A Pro Game Developer?

  2. hi Fahir, Good try, really good.thanks for the video tutorial (GoDot).Can you make a tutorial on how to download scene from asset bundle and load the scene in runtime in unity please.Thanks in advance

  3. Check out this algorithm
    1 create a variable that contains a value of a time like 3 sec etc
    2 make condition in such a way that Timer=time variable
    (Timer is a class.)
    3 when condition is true
    4 call the given function.

  4. ohhh yes its incredible, i like godot for make my games is very easy of understand

    please do a tutorial on how to make the character take a coin, or how to use the Area2D node


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