how to install origin pro 9 free with keys and crack file .it 100% working


you can install origin pro 9 free with keys and crack file ..

below is link to down whole file …if not work use the 2nd link


second link is easy to install just reple crack files with original one but origin is not latest version.

please must follows these steps otherwise it will be for 7 days:

1. Install OriginPro using the main installer.

2. Use this serial number when asked:

3. Replace the original files with the included cracked ones.

4. Copy the license file (orglab.lic) to the license folders:
Windows XP: Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataOriginLab90License
Win7/Vista: ProgramDataOriginLab90License

If the folders do not exist on your system, just create them.
Alternatively, you can run the included batch license setup.

5. Start OriginPro and use this RegistrationID to register it:

Have fun using it. 😉



  1. I'm on windows 10 build 1909 x64
    Nothing in this videos or in the comment section has worked for me, but what worked is installing originlab from the second link, using the two DLLs in the crack file and replacing them in the program directory, at this point I was supposed to use the patch in order to finish all the steps but it didn't work! So here what made it work:
    It was taking the license file from the first link crack and moving it to license folder in the program directory, knowing that the crack from the first link didn't work on originlab 9 either.

    combining the license from the first link and DLL files from the second link is what worked for me, but with the version in the second link.

    I hope that it works for you guys, have a good day.

  2. There are not the DLL ok9.dll and ok9_64.dll in the crack paste. Without one of them( it will depend on if you install 32 or 64 bits version, the steps will not work because the original DLL file will not recognize these serial and registration ID.

  3. Ive already did what the video show, but when I run origin as administrator it ask to Paste the license file test. What I have to do? Please help me

  4. Thank you, it works for me.
    Change the "ok9.dll" file for "ok9_64.dll" when patch requires it. Remember select to see "all files" in order to choose "ok9_64.dll".

  5. Do you have any mental problems? You post a video taught to install origin with a file that is different from the download file.

  6. Could you elaborate on replacing original files with cracked ones?

    Where’s the license file?

    This doesn’t work for Windows 10!!

  7. Could you elaborate on replacing original files with cracked ones?

    Where’s the license file?
    This doesn’t work for Windows 10!!

  8. Hi, how are you? Jesus died on a cross and was resurrected to save you. Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved.

  9. Thank you very much for the video. I have one question though. It requires for the licence file text which is not included. Could you give any insights on this issue?

  10. Really waste presentation…..what is the point of showing this video if already installed it. Simply waste.

  11. Hi,
    I think you have to download all the needed file into your PC before install it.

    To make sure that file already downloaded, look at your DOWNLOAD FOLDER, make sure this file exist:

    – ok9_64.dll

    – ok_64.dllBAK

    – origin2016.srO_patch.exe

    – readme.txt.

    In DOWNLOAD FOLDER, click origin2016.srO_patch.exe to install. Better choose 32bit Origin only, and do not launching after finish.

    Then, Drag all files in DOWNLOAD FOLDER previously to the Program Files

    – Search : My computer >> Local Disc C >> Program Files >> Origin Lab >> Origin 2016 >> drag here…

    – Restart your PC and launching the software…. ITS WORK…

  12. Dear All, license shall only work upto window 7, so dont try to use it for window 8 or 10 and above, I have the same problem, hopefully it ll be updated…:)

  13. you have to copy the files (ok9.dll, install_licence.cmd, ok9_64.dll and orglab.lic) from crack file, too: Local Disk(C)>program file>originlab>Origin90

  14. Hello, the licence orglab.lic is not valid, your crack folder do not contain the same files as in the video please check and update your link.
    thank you a lot.

  15. here another version which do not show 7 days trail , you should replace crack files with original one or read the file inside zip file. here is new link…


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