How to make a Splash Screen in C#


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  1. I copies the approach shown here: More importantly it does not show how to background load your main form and show it after it completed loading.

  2. It just does not work for me because the splash screen image sticks around. It does not disappear until I click the main form. Did everything the same as you did. There must be a way, but this is definitely not it. I had a way but the downside is that my mainform is minimized and the it is annoying for the user to have to click the taskbar.

  3. thanks for this session
    i have a quetion
    if i need to do that for some operation such as restore database
    if i dont know when finish the operation if finsh thread stop
    thanks again

  4. Very incomplete, not the proper way of doing splash screens, don't put the mic in your mouth when you are making videos.

  5. Outstanding introduction that worked first time. Only problem was that I wanted to use the Splash screen to mask data loading and it did not run in parallel, so the demo appears to be incomplete!


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