Here’s a nice and simple lesson on how to play barre chords on the ukulele… even if, like me, you’re cursed with TINY HANDS!

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  1. I have a bit of a hard time covering all the strings with my skinny fingers, but really enjoyed learning how to play barre chords. I see people are saying to slant the pointer finger, which kinda helps but then the other fingers go a little askew. Have been wanting to translate guitar barre blues to uke, so this was a very helpful lesson. Thanks much, A Struggling but persevering player.

  2. Even though I can sort of barre, I absolutely can not press the finger down on the strings hard enough. So I can't even play B. I also can't arch my other finger while my index is straight.

  3. Okay but why are barre chords on ukulele harder than on guitar? I'm a guitarist who's trying to pick up ukulele and I can't play a simple Bm.

  4. see usually these tutorials help me but my index finger won't lay flat no matter how i position my thumb. i can't do it, it hurts to an extent. my index raises up on the A cord and then it all sounds awful..

  5. I feel like even with using my thumb and everything I still can’t get pressure evenly distributed enough. I can’t even barre two strings let alone all four. 🙁

  6. im here in 2019 with tiny minuscule baby hands that should only belong to a very fragile toddler and i thank you for this tutorial

  7. Hey everyone, the best results that i've ever had was by using the Arthurs Uke Blog (just google it) without a doubt the best plan that I have ever tried.

  8. I'm a life long piano player so I have large hands and long slender fingers. but it's just skin and bones with the strength of thor's hammer, and i find it incredibly hard to bar because I have no meat to press onto the strings. one or more strings will fall into the folds of my boney fingers

  9. very helpful thanks. im not good with bar chords but i’ll practice these. im trying to learn a song ( mama im a big girl now from hairspray) that involves one bar chord ( b flat)

  10. What’s the point in, say the B major chord, barreing the entire fret as opposed to only the first two strings? I find the latter much easier but is there a downside to that?


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