How To Play MINOR CHORDS On Guitar Am Bm Cm Dm Em Fm Gm EricBlackmonGuitar HD


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Understanding Chord Names
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Unlike a lot of YouTubers, my channel is not designed primarily for me to get paid. I have a studio where I teach 5 instruments every day for a living, and this channel is a spill-over of my daily classes. I don’t sell any products or push e-courses every 30 seconds like many do and I do not SKYPE, because I simply do not have the time. My videos can be purchased via YouTube Red for folks who want to buy them, but that is about it. This channel is about learning and teaching, and will continue that way. I get so many inquiries from MCM YouTube networks(I turn them all down), it is unbelievable, because they think they see an opportunity to become a middle man for this channel. Not going to happen. EricBlackmonMusic will remain totally independent and grow naturally. If it makes some money, that’s cool. If it doe not, that’s cool too, because I have a job. My goal is to reach out to the world in friendship to share what is going on in my classes daily and that’s it. Thanks so much for being an important part of that! ROCK ON!



  1. Simple way of learning the basics! This is also a great source for those who prefer documenting things when starting off…


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