How to practice emotional first aid | Guy Winch


We’ll go to the doctor when we feel flu-ish or a nagging pain. So why don’t we see a health professional when we feel emotional pain: guilt, loss, loneliness? Too many of us deal with common psychological-health issues on our own, says Guy Winch. But we don’t have to. He makes a compelling case to practice emotional hygiene — taking care of our emotions, our minds, with the same diligence we take care of our bodies.

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  2. WE all make mistakes, Can we learn to accept ourselves without mentally beat ourselves up for making them? I tell my spouse to laugh when you do? Equal to the stupid questions people ask about blindness?( I don't know how to interact with someone who is blind')typical statement. Just like everyone else. WE hear the sound of movies TV and radio shows so in a way that is so to speak watching something..Sample RAsio spirits, old shows.

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    Thank you for this great video.

  4. Failed in an exam, which has never happened to me before, feel so embarrassed to tell my friends and family…suffering from loneliness and the same time failure…

  5. I fell asleep with my phone on. This video was playing when I woke up. I have never stayed so long on my bed before.

  6. Beautifully spoken. I almost didn’t think I was going to continue watching. actually I thought it was going to be about some type of health thing. And I guess I figured that’d be boring. But I did watch it & now I’m pretty sure I know why I thought it would be boring. “Favoritism of the body. – not the mind.” There comes a point in ones depression, that the body; being fit, looking good… goes out the window – because YES… the mind really is a powerful thing. So powerful I guess it can take you on a downward spiral. This video made me realIze that I’m very far Down in the vortex of negative thoughts. You mention some kind of positive thought training…… I’ll have to watch this video again THANK YOU FOR MAKING IT

  7. Failure has definitely wounded me. But I had a dad that no matter how hard I tried or how well I did, he would still tell me I did it wrong.

  8. Just watching two videos from this guy and I want already more. Can you imagine? Just two videos and I. Want. More.
    This guy is amazing. So much good stuff to listen at. Facts! Examples! Striking inside the feelings of the listener!
    I'd want to go to the streets now and yell around the link to this video xD

    I also hope people had more tools, time and thought around this matter. Beating ourselves up in bad times seems such a natural way to deal with things that no other, different mean to try out even crosses our mind!
    It's ridiculous!

    Thanks for these awesome, awesome videos. These make my day!

    I gotta search his name here in YouTube xD

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