How To Remove Computer Virus | How to remove Task manager virus, .exe virus, dll virus etc


How to delete virus from ‘C’ drive/system 32. Remove virus from windows PC. Remove google virus. Find malicious files and remove it from your computer. How to remove hidden virus from the computer. system 32 virus | .sys virus | C drive virus

This video will helps you to find the hidden virus database on the computer.

1.Open ntbtlog form the :C windows
2.Use google search for checking each logs.
3.If you find any malicious file use “cmd”for deletion.
4.check the registry and make sure your computer is virus free .

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  1. I don't know if his counts as a virus but I have this thing happen to me where I just go onto YouTube and internet Explorer opens up and takes me to websites. The weird thing is that I don't have internet explorer

  2. When I installed last amd driver for Rx 580 8GB, my pc got a various (wup) only return with internet and not delete, last amd is various.
    Anyone know how I can destroye various wup?

  3. If your pc has a bad virus first thing to do is boot it into safe-mode to be safe lol it stops most things from running in the background before it can wreck your pc

  4. I think, to find a .exe virus that you accidentally downloaded is to open task manager then go to processes then find an unfamiliar process or open program. Once you have found the unfamiliar program right click then click file location then when it sends you to the .exe file delete it then go to Recycle Bin then delete it permanently there.

    Hope this helped


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