How To Save Image In Database c#. upload binary image in linq to sql


This tutorial is save image or upload image directly in binary format in database in c# linq to sql .dbml. save image in database in binary format in sql using c#.
the data type of image column is image.
save image in sql server in image type in c#.
save image in sql database in binary format in c# through linq to sql class .dbml.
datatype of the sql table column is image where this image will save.
1. create a table in your database.
add two column. one is for name and another is for image. the datatype of image column is image which stored binary data as saved image.
2. design the form with picture box, textbox and button.
3. add a linq file dataclass datacontext .dbml.
4. drag the table in linq and save.
5. Go to button click event write the code to save image in sql database table in binary format in c#.

Save image in specific filder and save path to sql database go to this link

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