How to use Cracking the Coding Interview Effectively


Cracking the Coding Interview has become the defacto bible for preparing for you coding interviews. I think this is for good reason; it’s an awesome book with a ton of good practice coding interview problems.

However, do you really know how to use this book effectively? Chances are, especially if you’re just trying to read through CTCI from cover to cover, that you aren’t getting nearly as much out of this book as you could.

In this video, I show how to make the most out of Cracking the Coding Interview. By following these techniques, you’ll make sure that you use the book to your best ability and nail your interview.

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    The Four Horsemen of the Whiteboarding Apocalypse:

  2. Cracking The Coding Interview: 189 Programming Questions and Solutions (Online Reading – Download PDF):

  3. Hi, I've just started my programing journey with python.. I know the basics and OOP.. Should I buy this book?
    Also, is "data structures and algorithms" Language independent?
    Please do reply

  4. What I understand is that understand each chapter in the highevel. Instead of depth first search which is complete a chapter and then move to the next chapter. In this case, we will stuck In a single chapter.

  5. Awesome sir. I started coding CCIP problems last week and was in dilemma to follow BFS or DFS approach. Im a 9 year old software professional and your thoughts totally resonates with mine.

  6. Hey Sam, keep up the good work…You are one of the sole reasons that has helped me pave my way into Amazon… Thank you ♥️

  7. BYTEBYBYTE IS THE MANN. I've taken all of his advice, his inspiration to teach others ,I just jumped out of my comfort zone and I'm on my target to teach what I know, I've just created my youtube channel to follow my progress. I would love some support/feedback, so please hit subscribe and check it out. Peace

  8. I just read Chapter 6, after 1 ~ 5, actually Chapter 6 is pretty simple compared to the previous  5 chapters, it takes much less time to read for both the knowledge part and the question part. And Chapter 6 is also very fun, the questions have a big chance to be asked, for example one of my previous interview ask me to write a function to check whether a number is prime, this is explained at the very beginning of chapter 6, definitely worth reading, and shouldn't skip it. So, I suggest people to read every single page & questions from Chapter 6, before moving on to later chapters.


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