I love this camera, but I’ll never use it


Insta360’s One X is a 360-degree action camera that uses dual 200-degree f/2 lenses to create really unique 18-megapixel photos or 5.7K spherical video that can then be exported in 1080, non-360, frames. As a tech optimist, I was ready to be a believer in 360 again, but sometimes more cameras just mean more work, and as a consumer you really have to know exactly what you want to do with this camera before you buy it.

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  1. My heart bleeds. If you've a tech bin of recent (yeah, less than ten years old) gear and cannot be arsed to move it on; give it away; donate to a charity shop (yeah, someone can sell that Theta and get some cash into their coffers!); then I'm wondering how useful it is for you to review stuff that you find so disposable.

  2. The person who is not into action sports bought an action camera. No, it is not the camera who is at fault, you simply got the wrong tool for the job.

  3. You nailed it. I worked at the now defunct 360fly and I quickly realized that a regular camera captures the 5% of the frame, and leaves out the 95% boring parts. For most people all the extra 95% of the frame dilutes the only part that was interesting.

  4. Vs gopro max which to buy? I want gopro hero 8 and 360degree cam is gopro max is 2in 1 or its hypersmooth is bad that gopro8?

  5. Don’t know yet, not here yet, but I am hoping that it will be my all you need "camera".
    I walk, run, and sail and all I have is a $49 action camera and now the One X.

    Lisa, I understand you’re a super tech with too much tech stuff. I am a Programmer with too much to do and too little time for tech stuff.

    My reason for getting this is that I don’t have to aim/point because it shoots everything for me and so I can aim/point 20 years from now or never.

    This only makes sense if you have One.

  6. I have the 360 One X. The footage is really great, but the workflow is just a bit of a pain in the arse. I still have clips saved that I haven't done anything with.

  7. I feel like a lot of people are just like you and buy tech to never use it because they're not content producers….you work for The Verge but do you consistently produce content of your own?

    I'm a hobbyist photographer and I still need to tell myself to take out my camera to "get the shot". It's very different when professionals do it because they NEED to get the shot.

  8. Why don’t you sell or donate all the stuff you are not using? What a pity that all those gadgets only contribute to the ever growing thash piles while somewhere someone could put them into good use.

    I just got my insta 360 one x, i am learning a sport that is very technique intensive, I need good videos of myself pretty much every day and have no one to make them for me. If I could find the insta 360 one x second-hand in my region, I would have bought it instead of the new one.

  9. I got my insta 360 just last week and when I walk with it, it shows a wobble. If it has flow state stabilization, does that mean I walk funny? Cos no one else is talking abt that wobble.


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