If you don't know C#, you're not a real web developer


So says Jason over on YouTube:

“What about learning about data structures? Good object oriented design? Database design? Working with other students in teams?

Any decent computer science graduate can pickup HTML/CSS/JavaScript with no problem. Plus if you want to be an actual web developer, you NEED to know Java / C# , since that is what runs on the server(backend)!

Most people who complain that they don’t learn anything in a CS program have dropped out before the important stuff has even been taught! Don’t listen to a QUITTER!”


Yes, definitely.

Java and C#.

Photo by: Chelsea Marie Hicks

Total must for web developer.

“Because every web developer has to write their own PHP engine. I mean, you’re a total noob if you can’t do that, right? Hell… let’s all learn binary while we’re at it. I mean, if you don’t know binary… you’re a total noob.”


See how this works?

They make up completely arbitrary standards…

Based on… what? Their feelings?

Then insult you if you don’t meet them.

Let me blunt.

It is absolutely INSANE to say that you need to know Java and C# to be an “actual web developer”… since that’s what “runs on the server”. That’s like saying in order to use Windows you need to know how to write your own OS. Or, to drive a car, you need to be able to rebuild an engine. Or, to use a computer you need to be able to build your own chip.

It’s stupid.

I’ll say this.

I’ve been at this 12+ years.

I don’t know a lick of Java.

Or C#.

And, it’s never been close to an issue.

I mean seriously.

Could you imagine?

“Hey John, your portfolio looks great. I want to hire you to build my membership site. But, I gotta ask. Do you know C#? Because if you don’t… I think I’m going to have to pass.”



Anyway, this is why you ignore these geniuses.

This guy probably has a CS degree.

Is mad because I’m not genuflecting to his genius.

And, is commenting emotionally to “get” me.

You don’t need to learn Java or C# to be a web developer.

That said, there are skills you DO need to learn. And, that’s the trick here. That’s why this is so important and I keep bringing it up. Because this is how you dramatically reduce the time it takes you to start doing this full-time. By ignoring all the nonsense advice from the internet Einsteins… and focusing on the most important, most fundamental skills you have to know.

And, that’s what makes this so great:

It is the fundamentals.

HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, Python, WordPress, APIs and Mobile Apps… all in one course. It’s all right there… laid out in front of you to learn. No, scouring Google for tutorials from 12-year-olds, no wondering if this is the right stuff, no forum Einstein telling you you gotta know C#.

Just the straight dope.

And, right now… it’s just 10 buqs.

If you wanna do this, this is how:

Or, go learn C#… I guess.

Photo by Chelsea Marie Hicks

Please watch: “Ryan Carson: How to Get an IT Job WITHOUT a College Degree”

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