Ighalo Scores Again! | 5 Things We Learned vs LASK | LASK 0-5 Man Utd


Here is 5 things that we learned watching United put 5 past LASK in the most recent Europa League match. This could be the last match we see from United for a while, so we need to hope that our form continues and won’t dip after a few weeks away.

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  1. I would postpone the euros for a year so we can finish the season. I think that’s the most sensible thing to do and probably the fairest thing to do, especially for football league clubs going for promotion, play offs or fighting relegation. There definitely needs to be some financial compensation scheme for lower league clubs as well. This could put half a dozen clubs or even more in real trouble, as they rely on ticket money and other matchday revenue. Great performance last night onwards and upwards!!

  2. I think it’s fucking hilarious that Liverpool’s moment of glory will be completely overshadowed by the Corona virus, they may not even get to finish the season and lift the trophy in an empty stadium. Ha ha, brilliant!

  3. The pl, fa cup are already suspended.. Europa league might have a chance of getting postponed as well…I really dont know what i am gonna do without football right now…Football and especially the way Man utd are playing were the only hope in my otherwise dismal life

  4. Even though I'm Ole out. I can't deny the fact that he's winning games , picking the right players for the most part. I'm not a flip flop and have never been one. Could I change my mind, yes I could. Have I changed my mind ,no I haven't. I'll take it one game at a time.

  5. Thanks howson, you should start doing these after games???? I’m always tired of waiting. But when I do it’s worth it. Keep it up brother, keep looking like Kevin Owens ??

  6. Considering how far gone you were last night. You're looking fairly good today Howson. Your Mrs has worked magic with whatever breakfast she's fed you


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