Image Transfer To UV Resin Tutorial Creating Butterfly Wings – Artist Collab with TurtleSoupBeads


I’m really excited to bring this tutorial to you! Being able to transfer an image to UV Resin is going to ROCK your world and open up tons of possibilities to your UV Resin creations! With my new technique, you will no longer need shape molds making the possibilities endless!

I’ve included links to all products used including the link to purchase the absolutely gorgeous and very colorful printable wing images from My Beaded Bohemian on Etsy.

Here’s an example on how I turned some wings into a butterfly:

To see Susan’s video click here:

As always, I appreciate you and thanks for watching!

Products used:
Butterfly wings printable:

Dragonfly wings printable:

NEW Butterfly wings just added!

Transparency Film for Laser Printers:

Hard UV Resin:

Soft UV Resin:

LED UV flashlight:

UV Nail Lamp:

Ranger Archival Permanent Black Ink pad:

Finger Sponge Daubers:

Didspade Party Crasher Holographic Fine Glitter:

Born Pretty Sparkle Chrome Powders:

Crushed Mylar Shards:

An excellent set of Alcohol Markers:

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  1. Here’s an example of what you can do with your finished wings ???

  2. Hi, I am in love with your butterflies!!! You are a incredible artist. The UV resin on Amazon has sold out. Short of having to order from out of the country, is there another supplier that you know of or another medium I can use. Thanks for your help!

  3. just a heads up albeit late, you can get the transparency film for inkjet printers too normally on ebay i use it its ok

  4. Last question, promise, lol how do you figure out how long to put under the UV lamp??? What is the texture supposed to feel like to know if they are finished? Thank you <3

  5. why can't you use an inkjet printer? I hope you're still answering questions. Also, can I draw my own wings on transparency film and use that?

  6. Love the video but if you have to explain in depth how many drops of resin your mixing and doubling up. Then who ever is watching and can't understand that shouldn't be doing this project. It's way above their brain power. LOL OMG After watching the whole thing, I should add that you do a fine tutorial video work, I also watched the video of your new art studio you had placed on your property, that's great and hope you enjoy it very much. I'm sure you will.

  7. Wow absolutely beautiful and I love this technique! I live in a apartment building and recently bought a very strong stinky uv resin. I'm afraid the other tenants will smell it and complain. Do you have a suggestion for a less stinky uv resin?

  8. These are super! Thanks for sharing this, what a great technique! I can't wait to try this! Wonderful! Thanks again, ?? Pam

  9. These are beautiful, I love crafty stuff and have bought some resin to practise more. I want to add resin items to my designs. I love your channel.

  10. This is really beautiful. I'm going to try it, but I wanted to know if it will work using an inkjet printer? I have previously printed onto transparency film with it but not sure if it will work with the resin. Also, where to you get a UV light from? I couldn't really see yours in the video as it was off camera.

  11. Sorry but Susan has made a complete mess of your original design. It's far too cluttered and the Butterfly you've made does not need all the tacky bling she has attached to it. It just takes away from your magnificent work.

  12. I’m trying I follow your instructions but I can’t make they coming completely out to the film. ? I wish I can show you in a picture. That way I knew what I am doing wrong

  13. Thank you for sharing your beautiful butterflies wings within a full tutorial. I am new to this craft and the first time I have visited your site , I can say you are a marvellous teacher. And your creation is wow.


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