Intro to VSCode for C# Developers – From Installation to Debugging


Visual Studio isn’t the only C# editor that Microsoft makes. Visual Studio Code (VSCode) is a cross-platform development environment that can be used for development with most languages including C#. In this video, we are going to look at what VSCode is, how to install it, and how to use it to develop C# applications. The best part is what what you learn in this video will work on Windows, Mac, or Linux.

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  1. Check out solution manager for VSCode, it allows you to do many of these commands with a right click including references.

  2. VSCode is great for people already familiar with Visual Studio IDE to use with many widely used languages, frameworks and whatever that Visual Studio IDE lacks tools and support for.

  3. Tim, I got stuck at about minute 26, since I don't get the "Required assets to build…." notification, instead I get a notification saying "Some projects have trouble loading. Please review the output for more details." I have NET Core Runtime and NET Core SDK installed. Any fix?

  4. Very good video but I seem to have problems if I try to create new files to run. Whenever I press f5 while looking at the file in VS code it runs the program.cs file and no other file. Is there any way I can fix this or do I have to use the same file for every single new project?

  5. this is definitely a missing intro for Visual Studio developers who may need to migrate to VSCode and understand how to do basic things within a solution, thank you!

  6. Nice intro. Everything worked exactly as you described, except that VS Code prompted me to install the .NET Core SDK (which it did, no problem). Glad you ended with a comparison of VS Code to Visual Studio for C#, and I was kind of wondering what the advantages to VS Code could possibly be with all that command-line stuff. Your breakdown was convincing. Would like to see this same kind of intro for Ruby and Python.

  7. Thank you so much for the video. I really like VScode. I have Visual Studio Community, but I used VSCode to quickly run some Java code, and validate something. It gives you everything you need and the capability to install what you'll need later. I enjoy using it. I really like the Git support on it, and the fact that you can run it on machines you may not have admin access.

  8. In your upcoming video, maybe consider showing the yeoman generator to scaffold up? A little less cli to remember and Office documentation seems to use it.

  9. Hi tim, I dont't know if you read this, but I have a request that my life depends on. Could you please make a video about classes? I literally travelled the whole internet. free and paid courses and tutorials. I know the syntax, I know the concepts, I know how to build classes, but when it comes to start programming it's just like a giant wall that I can't climb over. It' not going into my head how practically to use classes and how to program with them properly. Yes, I'm going through all your courses right now. I'll also purchase the paid ones in the near future. But I'm su f***ng insecure with classes – I don't know why :((( You have already done videos on Interfaces and all that stuff which are great. And I know, classes are a basic topic but please. I beg you. Your teaching style is just how it goes right into my head and makes this AHA moment! Thank you in advance!!! Chris

  10. Great video i was just wondering that in most of your tutorials you always talk about organisation and class libraries. I was wondering if you had a tutorial or could make a tutorial about Common C# industry standards and the most effective way to use class libraries.

  11. I'm at 24:00 but I gotta say.. nobody wants to type these commands out. There is a plugin that lets you do this through the UI. I think its called vscode-solution-explorer

  12. Here is a keybinding I use alot:
    { "key": "ctrl+t", "command": "workbench.action.focusActiveEditorGroup",
    "when": "terminalFocus" },
    { "key": "ctrl+t", "command": "workbench.action.togglePanel",
    "when": "inZenMode && terminalFocus" },
    { "key": "ctrl+t", "command": "workbench.action.terminal.focus",
    "when": "!terminalFocus" },
    It allows switching between your terminal and the editor window depending on which is focused. This needs to be placed in your keybindings.json. The key can be replaced by whatever combination suits you best. Also works in ZenMode. 🙂

  13. Tim, as a Mac and Linux user I have found that the C# Extension by JChannon is really cool because it allows you to create a class or other resources on the fly

  14. I would like to see a tutorial with vsCode (not necessary), .net core web api, with a basic simple book store database (or similar) and most important what I am interested in is the authentication and accounts, especially with external logins

  15. i switched to vsCode as my default "IDE" few months ago. it's faster, easier to use, simpler interface and cross platform (even though I use windows). I use VS only for heavy debugging

  16. I switched to VSCode a week ago because I wanted to make a website for my family's business and was worried about the licensing on Visual Studio IDE. It's not as powerful as the IDE but its lightweight and speed and the extensions available more than compensate. I am using it for C#.NET and ASP.NET core and I am enjoying the experience.
    Here are two extensions that I find helpful:
    – ASP.NET Helper: This enables intellisense for razor pages.
    – C# XML Documentation comments. This auto generates an XML type comment when you type "///".


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