Introducing Dart


The Dart project includes a modern scalable language, libraries, and tools to help developers build large complex web applications. Watch this video to learn about the different parts of the Dart project and how it can help you be more productive building high performance web apps.

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  1. I am here in 2020 because i dont like JS and i am looking to replace it
    [EDIT] and to be honest i love dart's syntax! lets see how it is to work with it

  2. We are more happy with JavaScript and typescript. Sometimes I feel Google is legal advisor and wants to dominate the market . Angular having breaking changes every new release making programmers life more difficult and now dart which again compiles to Javascript. We don't need this crap we are happy with React and Vue

  3. Why not direct to Javascript if you must compile it again to Javascript. I think the language not more simple than Javascript.

  4. How would you do listr ( ) or chalk ( ) in dart? So the rewritten version? 🙂

  5. Don't introduce another language. Rather make the existing one better. We are tired of learning these shits. Sincerely normal developers.


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