Joe Biden’s Moment With An Auto Worker In Detroit | Deadline | MSNBC


Joe Biden has verbal altercation with worker over guns while at a campaign event at the Fiat Chrysler assembly plant in Detroit. Aired on 3/10/2020.
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Joe Biden’s Moment With An Auto Worker In Detroit | Deadline | MSNBC



  1. folks…..get the story right….Joe isnt going to take away your 'guns'…..but he should Ban MILITARY STYLE RIFLES AND YOU BUTT HEADS KNOW WHICH ONES THEY ARE….they are not shotguns or hand guns….they are ones that look like those on Seal Teams and Tactical teams…..but there should also be a BUY Back Program for such Military style rifles of course…..and these guys in Unions…if they have a brain will vote for JOE Biden…..because Trump will ruin the economy and these guys will be Home…on U.I., watching American Pickers and such.

  2. The US Constitution is a contract that reminds the government that they work for us we don't work for them. If Joe Biden becomes president that means he's going to be working for us! The moment that he said, " I don't work for you." Was a clear sign that this guy is not a president, he's a dictator and a puppet with dementia.

  3. “A Well Regulated Militia”. This was the REAL intention of our constitution framers. You want to play with an AR 15 assault rifle then go join the military. You need more than 100 rounds? For what?

  4. This is sad, Biden obviously has dementia. The Dems are throwing him in the front to take all the shots from people! This is elder abuse. Biden has anger issues and forgetfulness issues! Those are symptoms of dementia. Poor guy. I don't like Trump but the GOP seems to have their sh*t together compared to the DNC. The DNC is a joke. I voted for Sanders but if Biden wins tonight, I'm out. Disaster.

  5. Your gonna bend yourself into knots to defend this jive turkey?this makes him look weak. no respect for his constituency, unless they are writing a big check.he doesn't stand a chance in the ring.

  6. Also, how come they don't play the art where Biden says "i'm gonna go outside with you in a minute" threatening the guy to a fight? This panel and this network is a joke. But then again "Let's not be precious." whatever that means…

  7. Joe Eye-Bleed is losing it. The old drooler needs accommodations in a rest home. And yet…. MSNBC is doing whatever it can to prop up the old coot. Surprise. Surprise.

  8. Y’all are really sounding like Fox News lately.

    You play a video of a bad candidate fcking yelling & pointing at a voter, and then you continue to say it’s all well & good with a million justifications for good old Uncle Joe, right?

    Especially after the constant punching down at people on twitter who you thought were maybe being mean, and then not citing any specific attacks, ever.

    This, along with your equally disingenuous & consistent false narrative weaving regarding debunked ‘Bernie Bro’ myth should be disqualifying.

  9. Not ONE WORD about Biden acting "un-Presidential" for the umpteenth time–Wallace should not wear too much lipstick if she is going to kiss the DNC butts every hour of the day!

  10. That's not the way you talk to any person. Stop giving Biden a pass. MSNBC is partly responsible for pushing Biden on us. I am not a Sanders supporter.

  11. Biden said to BETO in a crowd in Dallas. "You’re going to take care of the gun problem with me. You’re going to be the one who leads this effort. I’m counting on you. We need you badly,,,"  Beto is on record video saying he will confiscate guns.

  12. Effects of dementia

    Cognitive: memory loss, mental decline, confusion in the evening hours, disorientation, inability to speak or understand language, making things up, mental confusion, or inability to recognize common things
    Behavioral: irritability, personality changes, restlessness, lack of restraint, or wandering and getting lost
    Mood: anxiety, loneliness, mood swings, or nervousness
    Psychological: depression, hallucination, or paranoia
    Muscular: inability to combine muscle movements or unsteady walking
    Also common: falling, jumbled speech, or sleep disorder

  13. Which is just another sneaky way of saying, Yes, they are going to take your guns, but they will smile and shake your hand while they do it! You can sugar coat it any way you want but in the end it comes down to you not having your gun!

  14. I remember 20 years ago, trying to convince my friends that the Media was in the TANK for the Democrat Party. They laughed in my face. That's impossible, they said. Now, the Media doesn't even PRETEND to be unbiased.

  15. Perhaps Joe Biden has had a professional memory realignment by some freaky NWO psychiatrists and you are seeing the messy results.

  16. They don't show the whole clip, where the part where Biden says "they'll take your AR 14 away"! What's an AR 14? LOL what a joke.

  17. Biden says he will put Beto in charge, Beto wants forced confiscation door to door by the Govt, the AR 15 (not the 14, Joey) is NOT a machine gun or a "weapon of war" or an "assault weapon". MSNBC is #fakenews


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