Learn C language in 30 Minutes & Start Coding For Beginners in Hindi


how to start coding and learn coding and become a computer programmer easy step by step guide and tutorials for beginners to learn Computer programming c language in hindi , Computer Programming Language Basic Course in this video i will teach you all the basic things you need to know for the learning computer programming language you can watch this video and lean coding by yourself this video will help computer students who wants to learn coding there are lots of programming language like c , c++ ,java , python etc, but in this video i will teach c language in hindi and urdu.

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kya aap bhi sikhna chahte hai computer me code likhna kaise likhe hai code kaise shuruwat kre coding sikhne starting me hame kya kya sikhna chahiye aur kaise ek computer programmer bane to is video me aap sikhaunga computer programming language me sabse popular language c language agar aapne c language sikh liye iske baad aap computer language aur coding krna sikh sakte chahe vo c++ , java , python , c sharp ho sare languages aap khud sikh sake online ghar par hi to video ko pura dekhna aapke acche se smjh ajayega.

C programming Language Full Course Topics
• Features of C
• My First C program
• Compile and Run C program
• C Syntax Rules
• Keywords and Identifier
• Operators in C Language
• Data Types in C
• Variables in C
• C Input / Output
• Decision Making
• Switch Statement
• Looping
• Arrays
• string and character array
• Storage classes
• Functions in C
• Introduction to Functions
• Types of Functions and Recursion
• Types of Function calls
• Passing Array to function
• Structures in C
• All about Structures
• Typedef
• Unions
• Pointers in C
• Pointers concept
• Declaring and initializing pointer
• Pointer to Pointer
• Pointer to Array
• Pointer to Structure
• Pointer Arithmetic
• Pointer with Functions
• Advanced Topics in C
• File Input / Output
• Error Handling
• Dynamic memory allocation
• Command line argument

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  1. Video Helpful Raha to Plz LIKE COMMENT jarur krdena ho sake to SHARE karden taki auro ko help mile
    aur vakayi me sikhna hai coding to pura dekhna

  2. Bhai kya teaching style he bole to aag laga dala????Bhai me mechanical branch ka hun but ye video dekh ne k baad kyun CSE me Jane ka man kar raha he………great work??

  3. Thank you so much. Way of explaining is very nice. Have one doubt I ham not from this field but can I make my career in IT and learn coding?

  4. Thanks bro keep clam.this video is very useful for me.please bro uplode more videos related to C+,C++ languages.your teaching language is very simple compair to other youtubers .???


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