Learn How To Program In C# Part 10 – Object Oriented Programming Basics


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This C# tutorial is about object oriented programming basics. These C# tutorial series will make you into a better developer whether you are a beginner or a seasoned programmer. Even though this is a C# tutorial for beginners you can still relearn the basics and get a more structured understanding of C# programming language. If you are a beginner C# developer than this is a wonderful opportunity to start learning C# programming language from the ground up.

In these C# tutorials you will first learn the theory and technical definitions behind the concept and then actually see an example of how it is used. The unique part of these C# tutorials is that each of them not only explains you the concepts but also explains you their purpose and why they exist in the first place. This in turn will give you a much broader understanding when you are working on your own projects or even products!

One of the other things to expect from these C# tutorial series is that they will connect these simple concepts to the real life – meaning in each video you will learn about the best practices, dos and donts. Instead of just learning the theory you will also learn the practical application.

I hope that this C# tutorial teaches you about object oriented programming basics and that you are able to use C# in order to work on your own ideas. Thank you for watching and being part of my journey!

Thank you for watching and learning about object oriented programming basics, wish you all the best. Never stop improving!

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  1. Thanks for uploading these videos. Now I jumped to the previous video aside from the rest because I have prior knowledge of C sharp and I am trying to get better, but with that said..the way you explained oop in this video made me want to further explore oop. My main goal is to be able to make rich apps whether it’s desktop or mobile apps. So I was thinking oop is a key area to really grasp. I think I’m gonna go ahead and check out the rest after I’m done on your YouTube series onto udemy. Id also like to point out that few people I have felt comfortable learning from because others have a heavy acsent that is very distracting at times for me. Therefore I don’t learn the material properly and hard to comprehend.

    Lastly, would you be able to sort of point the direction to pursue what I’m trying to achieve? I was thinking by building my portfolio I can start in a career doing what I love to do. But sometimes I get discouraged because other languages tend to come into play.

  2. Loved this video.

    I have been watching a lot of videos to learn C#.
    A lot of the times the videos I watch, introduce and explain OOP via so many more complex and detailed methods. They also try to explain 100000000000000000 (mind the exaggeration lol) different ways, you can do something.

    When all I want to do is try to even GRASP the basics of OOP. The way you explained it in this video was super helpful. Just now subbed and will be trying to watch other videos of yours to learn more C# stuff.

    I am learning C# because I am getting into Unity and it uses C#. (as for the reason I am learning C#)

    I've learned the basics of C# like before OOP. The OOP part sometimes, watching tutorials on Youtube and reading different pages. Sometimes their examples and the way they keep adding and keep doing MORE and MORE things starts to really throw me off and confuse me. So I will probably rewatch this video a few times and watch your other videos to try to grasp it further.

    Also, I am at work currently so do not have VS where I work. So instead I am using a text file to follow along for the moment until I go home.

    Anyways, I know this video is a bit older, but I felt like commenting!

  3. Finally someone telling the story exactly how it needs to be told.Gosh every source i found had a loooong explanation which is so boring and totally missing the beauty of the content.Yours is on the point and done.Perfect for me.Thank you for doing this 🙂

  4. I'm doing computing alevel and i may need to incldue object orientated into my coursework, however i just couldnt find a good tutorial. After searching for tutorials, all of them were confusing and useless, i come across your channel, i finally understand object orientated thanks to you! I just had to subscribe you'll be a great help with trying to get that A* thank you 🙂

  5. This series is absolutely wonderful. I have some prior C# experience, but that was years ago, and just by watching the first couple episodes, I learned more than I did from multiple series from other people! The way you explain things is so simple and easy to understand, and you explain every little thing you do. Thank you so much, sir, for this. (By the way, your name is awesome!)


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