Learn OOP's Concepts in .NET – C# Tutorial


In this video we are covering object orientation in simple words comparing it with real world examples.

We cover how object orientation is better than non object orientated programming languages like ‘C’.

After completing this, one will have decent knowledge of Object Oriented Terminology.

1.Learning about Class, Object, Component, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism & Object Creation and Instantiation.



  1. Dear Sandeep Sir, Is this an complete video which covers all the concepts of OOPS or you have continuation of this video…I can also see some of your videos related to OOPS as different parts.Please advise which video  would be better to refer..

  2. Good concept knowledge but why would anyone waste 32 minutes for class, object and OOP application ?? just give example of car as i read in my book it cleared all the concept in less then 2 minute.. You must have sucked as an professor!

  3. Hi Mr. Sandeep Soni,

    This video is pretty good. Where Can i get the continuation of this video?
    If possible., Can you please provide me the URL for the continuation video?


  4. Which version of visual studio 2012 should I install? there are many versions like express, professional. Which is free and which one is the best for a developer?


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