Linus Torvalds "Nothing better than C"


Creator of Linux Linus Torvalds explains why there no language he knows of that’s better than C for writing optimized code.




  1. For each language its usecase. I would never use C for machine learning or web development. Comparing them is useless.

  2. Torvalds created and maintains Linux, he is not an embedded engineer. He even says in this video that he's not good with hardware.

  3. These are not all bad people. They are just extremely arrogant thinking they can play God. Same goes with the CIA, or what ever three letter word you want to insert here.

  4. Anybody who has done bare-metal coding for a microcontroller will soon come to realise the advantage C offers. Its not only abstracts the hardware architecture of an MCU, but also provides standard libraries for math, floating point, string processing, memory handling and so on. There truly is nothing better than C in this particular area, of low level interface to hardware. And vendors are constantly investing or supporting C compiler development for new processor and MCU architecture.

  5. As somene who grew up writing assembly code for hardware drivers and OS code, C's ability to generate efficiant assemply for the h/w it's running on is very efficient. I keep having to remind newcomers that unless there's at least a magnature improvement in efficency or cost savings, leaping onto each new shiny thing which comes along is a fool's errand. The unnecessary curn developers inflict upon themseves usually ends up in failed projects and empty bank accounts.

  6. What about Rust, isn't that supposed to be better than C as it prevents programmers from having memory leaks and data races?

  7. Guys, listen to him. C is great. But to use it properly, start with Assembly. First programming language for cs students/dev wannabes should be Assembly language.

  8. I wanted to design computer games in the early 2000's while in college…because I played them all the time in High School — but I found out I was too dumb and/or bored actually doing it.

  9. There's simply no single language that is "better" overall. Every programming language is simply a TOOL that has certain advantages, and disadvantages. Simply pick the tool that's best suited for the task.

  10. Torvalds is well known for being opinionated, uncompromising, confrontational and (frankly) argumentative. But that is what he is SUPPOSED to be – Linux is his invention and he develops it in the way that HE wants. I fully respect that and I hope he continues to do so for many years to come. It's the finest and most stable OS in history and he is in great part responsible for that. Long Live LUNIX!

  11. C is good for low level programming but a decent macro assembler is better unless you want keep things cross platform (which for an OS designed to run on lots of different hardware is desirable)… The problem with C is it tried to get too big for its boots with the spec extensions and then C++ taking over… These are archaic platforms with a hideous syntax… the awful C syntax is OK for low level dev. as it only has to compete with assembly language but C and C++ have never been and never will be a good high level dev. plaform… Backwards, ugly, often too terse yet often too verbose and fiddly… so much boilerplate coding… so obfuscated to normal people… no runtime features.. All these languages put together by academic committees are sprawling messes…. and then the Open Peeps disintegrated everything with their splitting of languages into separate languages for the app internals, the database and the gui / markup…. This is a 'mess multiplier' and cost increaser… I'm OK with a separate markup 'language' but not Main Language X + SQL + GUI Library X + CSS, all using different, nonintegrated compilers and rutime engines


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