Logitech Spotlight Advanced Presentation Remote Review


Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – Professional Powerpoint presenters may find this $129 remote to be a valuable tool. It can double as a mouse. Subscribe for more!

00:29 – Hardware overview
00:42 – Wireless range
01:07 – Charging and battery life
02:15 – Hardware and software compatibility
02:30 – Software configuration
02:35 – Timer feature
03:05 – Pointer / mouse controls
03:37 – Mouse / spotlight demonstration
04:48 – Custom controls / macros / keystrokes
05:16 – Running a presentation with Apple Keynote

This is the luxury automobile of presentation remotes and is priced accordingly. But those who are delivering presentations for a living might find some of the features here worth an investment – especially its ability to act as a mouse.

The built quality is excellent, the battery lasts a long time (even in storage) and can get enough juice in a minute or two via USB to easily get through a presentation lasting a few hours.

It can connect up with its included USB dongle (recommended for the best range) or via bluetooth. The spotlight is not backlit but only has three buttons so it’s very easy to know what you’re about to push even in a dark environment. It also has a vibration motor inside that can provide cues as to when to wrap up a presentation and when time has expired. There are some limited customized controls that allow for things like volume control, blanking out the screen, or even passing keystrokes from the remote (more on that in the video).

Mouse control takes some getting used to but it does work well using the controller’s internal gyroscope. The spotlight button needs to be held down while moving the cursor, but after releasing the pointer stays in place at which point a click of the spotlight button executes a mouse click. This is very useful for loading up web pages, etc. during a presentation.

Is it perfect? No. The magnification feature feels sluggish on small computers (like the 12″ Macbook). The USB-C charging port is buried deep inside the remote so it may not work with every USB-C cable. A cable is included but I am worried how long it will last given it requires tugging in an area below the plug molding to get it out.

And while the software is intuitive and easy to use it will load itself up every time the computer is booted by default. This feature can be disabled but for the less tech savvy it’ll be another piece of background software running unnecessarily.

But as somebody who delivers a lot of presentations I can say this is the first remote I’ve come across (outside of my iPhone) that I’d actually consider using on a regular basis.

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  1. Hello! I was planning to buy the same presenter. I would like to ask if the dual connectivity (bluetooth & dongle) can work at the same time? Like if i’m using an ipad on stage connected with bluetooth, and used the dongle to a pc, will it work at the same time?

  2. Do all the features that you show (magnification, spotlight, etc.) work if the computer is plugged to a beamer? I mean if I point at the laptop, would people see exactly the same changes on the beamer?

  3. I'm still searching for someone showing the remote with an actual projector.
    I'd like to see how the spotlight works when the contrast is almost non existent, having a slightly brighter circle in the mid of grey-ish mud.

  4. Do the zoom and spotlight features work on a video? Like, could I pause a video and spotlight someone I want my audience to watch? And could I spotlight them while the video is playing?

  5. I created a small Linux application that covers the Desktop Spotlight functionality of the Software available from Logitech. If you are willing to compile software yourself, have a look at https://github.com/jahnf/Projecteur

  6. Very interesting. Have you installed it in Mac? Could please share to us your steps of installation? Thank you very much

  7. A couple suggestions to Logitech. I teach at various companies, normally with a projector & screen and laser pointer. BUT, some companies only have Flat Panels! A laser pointer does not work on those. This device solves that, somewhat, but it could be much better. I like this device except it seems to not have a normal pointer mode, similar to what a laser pointer would do. Plus, the circle is great for objects, but I teach with text on the screen. A horizontal rectangle would work much better for my purposes. Thanks for reading!

  8. Hey thats a very nice video , recently i just uploaded a new video on the Logitech Spotlight Advanced Presentation Remote . It would be nice if you check it out and give comments on what i did good or bad. https://youtu.be/VawZag0Uez8 Thankyou!

  9. Hi, will the Logitech Spotlight Wireless Presenter work on regular documents that are not in presentation mode, ie MS Excel, MS Word Document. Often we will run presentations, and Finance will place a MS Excel spreadsheet up on the big screen. Will Spotlight work on these non-presentation files?

  10. hey lon,

    nice and compact but pricey

    check this one out

  11. Can you do a video about a comparison of the Asus e200ha, HP stream 11 2016, Dell Ispiron 11, and the Acer one cloudbook….these cheap laptops are really confusing for me to choose because they have their own pros and cons..

  12. Question, since it does have Bluetooth connectivity, would it work on a presentation being screened from an iPad? If so, would all the same functions still apply? (I.e. Mouse functionality?)

  13. Hey Lon, this is not related to the video, but I was wondering if any of your videos have been demonetized recently. I've heard that several big channels have had videos demonetized and was wondering if it was also affecting the smaller channels.


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